AutoLeap Saves Utah Mobile Auto Mechanic Time & Streamlines Daily Operations

AutoLeap Saves Utah Mobile Auto Mechanic Time, Streamlines Daily Operations

We’re 100% sure that we would not have grown as we have without all the help and support we get from AutoLeap. We’ll never leave AutoLeap.


A to Z Auto Repair Services, LLC

After facing a forced layoff during the pandemic from his job as a skilled mechanic at an automotive repair shop, Kevin Tyre, along with his wife Alisha, made a life-changing decision and opened their own mobile auto mechanic business, A to Z Auto Repair Services, LLC.

Located in American Fork, Utah, the mobile business specializes in transmission and engine repairs. Most jobs are performed at the customer’s location, while extensive repairs take place at Kevin’s home garage.

Alisha Tyre supported her husband’s self-employment decision but knew nothing about the automotive industry. A stay-at-home mom of four children, Alisha previously worked in the medical field.

With so many hats to wear, she turned to AutoLeap auto repair shop management software to automate and simplify operations.

Why Choose AutoLeap?

Before AutoLeap, Alisha says estimates and invoices required entering everything manually. Now with AutoLeap’s built-in parts lookup and labor guides, A to Z Auto Repair Services can plug information in for an instant estimate. And converting those estimates to invoices takes just a single click.

A to Z Auto Repair Services previously completed two to three jobs a day, and now does five to six.

AutoLeap makes everything a lot faster, which has significantly helped increase our job capacity.

A to Z Auto Repair Services, LLC

Key Benefits of Using AutoLeap

To effectively grow A to Z Auto Repair Services, Alisha utilizes many AutoLeap features, including invoicing and automated customer communication. The software’s all-in-one system, continuous updates, industry expertise and overall value were attractive to the Tyres, who were eager to expand their clientele.

The biggest advantage is having everything in one place instead of having to switch back and forth between seven or eight different tabs like we used to do. We love the fact that there are new releases every week or two. It’s like a present when they come out.

A to Z Auto Repair Services, LLC

Plus, AutoLeap connects Kevin to his daily schedule and work log, including color-coded appointments. Administrators like Alisha gain access to real-time workflow, including a mechanic’s location and service status.

Alisha says other key benefits of using AutoLeap include:
  • Sophisticated point of sales system that collects payments and prevents customers from reversing charges after a job is complete—a problem they encountered previously.
  • Doubles Kevin’s job capacity.
  • Ability to digitally retrieve work history, repair orders, and addresses while traveling from one job to the next.
  • Streamlined reporting that helps identify high/low performing areas of sales, margins, labor, parts, tech, and more.
  • Real-time customer feedback through top Google Reviews.
  • Significant time savings through automated text and email feature that sends customers reminders about upcoming appointments and maintenance schedules.

What A to Z Auto Repair Services Customers Love About AutoLeap

AutoLeap improves the customer experience and trust through automated and transparent communication.

Our customers love the system because it helps them feel more secure and they can easily connect with us online.

A to Z Auto Repair Services, LLC

Customers also appreciate AutoLeap’s digital signature capture because they don’t have to be present to sign off on a completed job, estimate, or invoice.

AutoLeap Makes Creating Estimates and Invoices Easier

AutoLeap helped the Tyres reduce the amount of time spent creating invoices by 80%. Estimates that once took an hour to complete are now finished in 20 minutes or less, thanks to the system’s integrated feature, which provides quick access to parts and labor guides.

“Estimates and invoices [with our prior system] were basically just templates that we could’ve created ourselves that required entering everything in manually,” Alisha says. “We love the fact that we can go into AutoLeap and plug items into estimates automatically.”

Once an invoice is complete, AutoLeap can send customers digital authorization and signature forms. Plus, a convenient drag-and-drop feature converts estimates to invoices compatible with QuickBooks.

A to Z Auto Repair Services: Pre AutoLeap vs. Post AutoLeap

The Tyres credit much of their business growth to AutoLeap. Having no prior experience managing an auto repair shop, the couple appreciates the software’s ability to streamline daily operations and safeguard the business’s reputation. For instance, AutoLeap automatically notifies A to Z Auto Repair Services if someone leaves less than a four-star Google Review.

The Tyres say both the product and support they’ve received from AutoLeap have been instrumental to their success.