Ask the Experts (Part 4): Shop Owners’ Use of Management Software

What are the top advantages of shop management software? Which qualities do shop leaders care about the most?

AutoLeap’s 2022 State of the Auto Repair Industry Report revealed some interesting findings on this topic! 

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AutoLeap conducted an independent survey of nearly 300 North American shop owners and managers. This survey covered the industry’s most pressing topics, including:

Let’s dig into survey respondents’ thoughts on shop management software.

What shop owners look for in management software

Our benchmark survey revealed what shop owners value most in their shopping research.

Ease of use, price, and value for the money and range of features and functionality. Those three qualities topped the list of what shop owners value in shop management software.

Efficiency is everything when running a repair shop. These factors align with that mindset.

How shops benefit from management software

We now understand what shop owners look for in shop management software. But why are they seeking out the support of this technology in the first place?

Benchmark survey data provides answers. Nearly three out of four respondents said they want to save time and increase revenue using shop management software.

Independent Hobson research confirms these benefits. The report found that AutoLeap helps its customers decrease time on estimates and invoices by 60%. It also found that AutoLeap customers decreased lost revenue due to no-show appointments by 30%.

What the experts say

Murray Voth, President of Result Performance Mastery Training, expressed his surprise at one aspect of the survey data.

Review more benchmark survey takeaways

See what survey respondents had to say about other top industry topics. Download AutoLeap’s 2022 benchmark report here

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