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AutoLeap is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that helps new, established and multi-location tire shops streamline day-to-day operations. It offers smooth inventory management, quick tire lookup, seamless tire ordering, efficient accounting and more.

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    • Easily check quotes for tires without creating a repair order. Add in the vehicle’s YMM, VIN or tire size required to view prices and availability across your inventory, distributors and brands.
    • Sync tire prices with a pricing matrix to view the cost per tire versus the price charged to customers. Add tires to cart and create a new repair order or add it to an existing RO with just a few clicks!
    • Easily access inventory stored tires and view which customers and vehicles they’re associated with. Receive a unique storage number to print and link to any set of tires.
    • You can also change warehouses for storage, track tires flagged for replacement and create a tire swap repair order with a single click.
    • Order tires from right within the repair order screen or check your stock and replenish your inventory. AutoLeap has partnered with industry recognized tire distributors so that you can order tires from Bridgestone, Goodyear, Cooper and more.
    • Search by size or VIN, and filter by warehouse, brand, lead time, speed rating, and load to find the right tires for your customers.
    • Search for tire sizes based on the vehicle YMM. AutoLeap will populate available tires from inventory based on the tire sizes that are received from MOTOR.
    • You will also be able to set custom tire sizes and add one or multiple tires to RO using single tire lookup.
    • Keep your tire storage inventory organized with printable stickers. The labels include customer, vehicle and tire details so you can easily find the tires for your customer’s next visit. 

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    AutoLeap offers management tools and automation that can help you save man-hours, boost productivity, improve customer experience, and keep your staff on the same page.

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    Thousands of shops have partnered with AutoLeap to make their customers happier, their shop more profitable, and their life easier.

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