Volksmasters Grows 42% with AutoLeap Shop Management Software

Learn how Volksmasters increased their net income by 42% and doubled their 5-star Google Reviews in less than one year.

Net Income

Increase in net income growth in one year

Google Reviews

Doubled Google Reviews from 60 to 122 in less than one year

No-show Rate

Decreased no-show rate from 40% to 10%

Volksmasters owner Henry “Hank” Colado knows Audi and Volkswagen repair like no other, specializing in the delivery of high-quality auto service for those vehicles since 2008.

Growing Volksmasters in South Florida from a small, appointment-only based business into a full-service automotive shop required Hank to move from servicing and tracking customers on pen and paper to a modern, cloud-based software management program. After trying another software program he found too “clunky” and “unresponsive” when it came to customer support, Hank discovered the power of AutoLeap a year ago.

“We have grown 42% since last year,” says Hank, pointing in particular to AutoLeap’s support for auto repair shops. “For me, AutoLeap makes my company look more professional. It makes my company stand out from the rest.”

Why Choose AutoLeap?

Frustrated by delayed response times from a previous software provider, Hank randomly opened an AutoLeap marketing email and decided to request a demo of the auto shop software.

“We did a demo and what I really liked more than anything was the customer service,” he says. “I could ask questions. There were really no dumb questions. It was a good selling point.”

Key Benefits of Using AutoLeap

For Volksmasters, Hank says AutoLeap software helps him save time on estimates, invoices, inventory, and more. It simply helps him provide better transparency to customers about their auto repair.

AutoLeap helps us save time. We don't have to repeat processes, everything is integrated, everything flows naturally. It makes our lives a lot easier. AutoLeap reduces our workload so we can focus on fixing cars and making the customer experience with us more enjoyable.

Hank Colado
Owner of Volksmasters

Hank says the key benefits of AutoLeap include:

  • Sending estimates to customers via text or email, and not making them wait at the shop.
  • Receiving estimate approvals from customers via text or email, again with no wait.
  • Ordering auto parts through a streamlined, automated, and seamless process.
  • Spending less time on administrative duties, so he can devote more time to educating and advising customers.
  • Presenting more polished and professional estimates and invoices.
  • Direct integration with Google Reviews.

“I can be the face of the company. I can work with the customers. I can explain to them the issues they have,” Hank says. “Basically what our customers have been saying is that they like what they see. It actually makes them feel empowered in a way and it’s not over-imposing either. The customers have the freedom to choose what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.”

What Volksmasters Customers Love About AutoLeap

Volksmasters customers love the improvements AutoLeap made for viewing and approving estimates, Hank says, but the ability to send pictures with the estimates seems to be an absolute game-changer for his auto service business.

“There are a lot of shops that take advantage of customers, so adding pictures…adds transparency with our customers,” Hank says.

At Volksmasters, the technicians conduct Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI), even circling the specific problem and color-coding the inspection report for ease of understanding. With pictures, Hank says, it’s easier to explain the auto problem and repair, rather than get into a technical discussion the customer may not care about or understand.

In addition to the DVIs, customers also love:

  • Ease of technology for scheduling, confirming, and canceling appointments.
  • Ability to view estimates via text or email.
  • The convenience of approving the work by text or email, or deferring work for later with ease.

For Hank, using the AutoLeap software also means he no longer has to wait hours, days, or even weeks to get an answer to a technical software problem.

“I like the customer tech support the most. I get answers to all of my questions within 5 minutes,” Hank says.

AutoLeap Makes Creating Estimates and Invoices Easier

Hank says preparing estimates and creating invoices works so much better in AutoLeap, with specific jobs “canned” or pre-loaded into the software, so it’s as simple as clicking on a drop-down menu, selecting the right job, and everything pops right in.

AutoLeap gives me an edge over my competition. With all the information, with all the reports I get, I can make better decisions. I can project into the future. I can see what needs to be done. It makes everything so much easier.

Hank Colado
Owner of Volksmasters

AutoLeap Helps Volksmasters Double its Google Reviews

When Volksmasters sends an invoice to a customer through AutoLeap, they receive a direct link to leave a review for the company on Google. AutoLeap’s direct integration with Google helped Volksmasters grow its Google Reviews from about 60 to 122 in less than one year.

Volksmasters: Pre-AutoLeap vs. Post-AutoLeap

In addition to growing by 42% in one year — despite the loss of a few mechanics due to COVID and other factors — and doubling its Google Reviews, Volksmasters noticed a few other important metrics after one year of using AutoLeap, including:

“It used to take a day to get estimated approvals, and now we get confirmations within minutes, sometimes within just a couple of seconds,” Hank says.