Uprise Automotive Drives Efficiency and Streamlines Shop Operations Using AutoLeap

Signing up for AutoLeap was the best thing we’ve done for the shop so far.

Brendan O’Grady

Co-Owner of Uprise Automotive

From a Shared Passion to Partners

Uprise Automotive is a business born out of passion. In the words of co-owner Brendan O’Grady, “we live and breathe this stuff.”

O’Grady shares an extreme love for cars with fellow co-owners (and lead technicians) Joe Walker and Adam Starnes. It made perfect sense then for the trio to set out in business together. Uprise officially opened its shop doors to the world in early 2022.

The Illinois-based auto repair shop covers everything from performance engine rebuilds to general maintenance and repairs. Uprise works on all makes and models. But one of its key differentiators is specialized work on race cars and performance vehicles. 

As a brand new business, Uprise Automotive had a lot of bases to cover. Finding reliable shop management software was an early focus for the team. That’s where the partnership with AutoLeap began.

All in with AutoLeap

O’Grady discovered AutoLeap soon after realizing that paper ROs and manual tracking weren’t working. The shop needed support from reliable technology. “I knew we needed software that has everything.”
He completed multiple demos of popular software solutions around the industry. But something about his experience previewing AutoLeap stood out. “I really liked the program and was super impressed with the demo. I feel like AutoLeap offers more than other software.”
That early impression soon led to action for O’Grady and his team. Within its first year of business, Uprise Automotive became an official AutoLeap user!
Results with AutoLeap
  • Using AutoLeap, Uprise Automotive noticed an immediate difference in their shop’s performance.
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use software keeps the shop’s operations well-organized.
  • Streamlined processes for estimates, approvals and invoicing improved the shop’s efficiency.

It changed our business completely. I really, really like AutoLeap’s software.
Brendan O’Grady
Co-Owner of Uprise Automotive

Favorite AutoLeap Features

There are many AutoLeap features that the Uprise team finds value in.
O’Grady appreciates how easy it is to schedule appointments and send customer reminders with automated text messages. Integrated payments are another feature that customers provide positive feedback on. The convenience of text invoices and digital payment flexibility makes a difference. “It’s the small things that our customers are so impressed by.”
Before using AutoLeap, O’Grady spent extra time browsing separate catalogs on part supplier websites. Now, he can access all the suppliers together in one streamlined view. This makes the process of ordering parts much more convenient.

Everything is right there with the click of a button in AutoLeap. It’s such a game-changer.
Brendan O’Grady
Co-Owner of Uprise Automotive

From Feedback to Reality

Another aspect of AutoLeap that Uprise Automotive appreciates is its support team behind the scenes. O’Grady notices how fast this team implements new features based on customer feedback and suggestions. “I’ll see someone bring a request up and then just a couple weeks later, it’s there in the software.”

AutoLeap changed everything. It helped streamline processes across the entire shop.
Brendan O’Grady
Co-Owner of Uprise Automotive