We’re modernizing auto repair shops to make it easy to build trust, save time, and turbocharge growth

We’re modernizing auto repair shops to make it easy to build trust, save time, and turbocharge growth

Industry challenges we’re addressing


Auto repair is a misunderstood industry. You’re hard working, trying to earn an honest living, but customers expect rip-offs and painful experiences.

Long hours

You spend nights and weekends on paperwork, invoicing and the books. Family life suffers. Administrative tasks limit the number of cars you can service.

Keeping up

More complex vehicles, more repair protocols, more expensive parts, fewer qualified techs, more demanding customers. It’s a struggle to keep up.

Business building

You’re great at turning a wrench but it’s hard to turn a profit. It's not easy to attract new customers, build long-term relationships, and keep your business growing.

AutoLeap is the answer

Simplifying your life

AutoLeap achieves what no other software for automotive repair shops has achieved: it brings all of your systems together and it’s unbelievably easy to use. One of our customers is 80 years old and learned AutoLeap in one hour! Shops that were all manual convert easily to digital. Shops using 4 or 5 programs that don’t talk to each other now run on a single streamlined cloud-based system.

Building the trust that you deserve

Transparency equals trust

You’re in total two-way communication with each customer from the moment they bring their car in. Instead of living in suspicious ignorance, they know exactly what’s going on, in real-time.

Digital inspections, with photos of what the car needs, get sent to customers’ mobile phones with instant estimates that include manufacturer maintenance recommendations. Your expertise is front and center. At last, you get the trust you deserve.

Turning you into a star. Actually, five stars

Automatic rave reviews

Since almost all new shop customers search for you on Google, we make sure that the great customer experience you deliver translates into more business through high quality Google Reviews.

And the result? Growth

Giant leaps in revenue and profitability

All this adds up to a level of unprecedented business growth. AutoLeap frees you up to handle more vehicles. Automatic Google Reviews allow you to build trust with existing and new customers.

Your customers agree to more work because they trust your expertise. Good communication does wonders.

Not only do you make more in less time, you get to keep more of what you make.