Digital Vehicle Inspection Software

Sell More With Digital Vehicle Inspections

Use Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) to diagnose vehicles and create impactful inspections for your customers. Use the convincing power of pictures, videos and notes to show customers the repair work needed on their vehicles.

Build Trust And Make More Money

  • Multimedia can be very persuasive – use it to your advantage to show your customers what you see (and hear) in their vehicles, and win their trust.
  • Show customers that you care with our sleek and powerful DVI functionality. Improve customer satisfaction, build a loyal following, and sell additional repair jobs.
  • Eliminate doubts and build customer confidence in your job recommendations – happier customers will keep coming back with repeat business.

Interested in Vehicle Inspection Software?

Empower Your Technicians

  • Effective Communication

    Technicians can send Digital Vehicle Inspections to customers instantly with a single click, straight from their mobile devices. Customers can view the diagnosis on any device(s) of their choice, and see and hear what’s going on.
  • Engaging Audiovisuals

    Pictures, videos, voice notes, or the traditional text memo – technicians get to choose whatever they feel comfortable with. The end result is a high quality, effective and decisive Digital Vehicle Inspection.
  • Everything Is Connected

    We bring it all together. Whether it’s Digital Vehicle Inspections, appointments or estimates, everything is linked. See what your technicians send to your customers, and add your notes on top of it all.

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    After the first 10 months of using AutoLeap, we doubled our shop’s revenue. AutoLeap is a game-changing auto repair software for us.

    Francisco (Apex Automotive Solutions, ON)


    I now have greater visibility into my shop. I'm able to know my exact sales and technician profitability at any given time.

    Syed Kazmi (CarTronics Auto Repair, IL)


    AutoLeap's powerful auto repair shop management software takes a ton of stress off my shoulders. The tools it adds to my repair business are priceless.

    Kevin (A to Z Auto Repair, UT)


    Simple, intuitive, and easy to use. The customer service is the best I've ever had, ever! I went from spending 30 mins down to 5 mins building a complex estimate.

    Jason (Apex Automotive Solutions, ON)


    I can now keep a track of every penny and every hour worked. AutoLeap was able to get me up and running in a week.

    Anthony (Atlanta Auto, GA)