Google Ads for Auto Repair Shops – The Ultimate Guide

With the world going digital and a smartphone in everyone’s hand, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. For auto repair shop owners, this can mean only one thing: an opportunity to grow your business! And Google Ads are a key piece of that puzzle.

Let’s explore the potential Google Ads hold when it comes to promoting your auto repair website.

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What are Google Ads?

Google is by far the most used search engine, with 8.5 billion global searches per day. Since customers rely heavily on Google for their research, whether it’s brand-specific or repair-specific searches, it’s the ideal place for auto repair shop owners to build a presence! And that’s where Google Ads come into play.

Google Ads play a vital role in promoting your auto repair website and reaching prospective customers. Allocating a strategic amount of your advertising budget for Google Ads can work wonders.

Google Ads also target the customers who are most likely to require your products and services. They appear above organic search results. Additionally, Google Ads provide many opportunities to interact with potential customers, appearing in searches on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Now you can reach your customers where they already spend a good chunk of their time!

Following the PPC (pay per click) method, you can easily run your ads and only pay when the ad performs its objective: receiving clicks from interested parties. With Google Ads, you can market your auto repair services using highly visible placements and gauge the volume of visitors clicking on your paid ads.

How Google Ads can help your business grow

When it comes to growing your auto repair business, these are many ways Google Ads can help:

1. Meet prospective customers where they are

Most online shoppers rely on Google to complete their research before choosing a service or product. With such a high volume of searches happening daily, using Google Ads to shine light on your auto repair business can help accelerate revenue growth.

2. Generate new leads

Since PPC ads are targeted and shown to people looking for auto repair shops, you have a higher chance of generating clicks. And clicks mean potential new customers! When done right, PPC ads can grow your business while keeping your advertising budget in mind!

3. Monitor your digital performance

One of the tools that Google Ads provides is live tracking of each ad and subsequent campaign. This technology helps you analyze how much you’re spending, how well your ads are performing and who you’re reaching. Based on the findings, you can refine your messaging and optimize the ads you put in front of potential customers. 

4. Advertise efficiently

By optimizing your campaigns, you can ensure that your ads perform well while you spend less! And since you can track your campaigns every step of the way, you can always change your strategy according to the response or decide to spend more on a campaign that’s performing well.

How to set up Google Ads

With just a few simple steps, you can set up Google Ads for your auto repair shop:

  1. To get started, log into your Google account and visit

  2. Choose an objective for your campaign and click switch to expert mode.

  3. Click + to create a new campaign. Now you can start customizing your ads.

  4. Pick out your target keywords! One of the best ways to set up keywords for your campaign is by searching auto repair shops/services and selecting the relevant keywords that appear. To target your specific area, include the location. Click save and continue for the next step.

Here is a sample screenshot of ‘auto repair services’ keywords in Google Ads:

Source: Google Ads 

Types of keywords

5. Select campaign goal and type. As search ads have a higher CTR (clickthrough rate) that should be your go to.

Source: Google Ads 
6. Set up the duration of your campaign.
Source: Google Ads 

7. Target your audience and their locations.

According to a study by Google, 50% of users base their choices on how far a business is from their home or workplace. A surefire strategy to reduce costs and draw in more qualified buyers is to place more ads in front of people who live and work near your auto repair shop.

Source: Google Ads 

8. Choose the content for your ad wisely. You are only allowed 30 characters per headline, so your headers and copy need to evoke emotion in your audience to elicit a response. If a campaign is targeting brake repairs for trucks, speak to the driving experiences of truck owners in your messaging.

9. Analyze how your ads perform. Google Ads eliminates a lot of the guesswork because it will filter your ads by default and deliver the best-performing content, allowing you to keep adding additional ads as your campaign develops. 


Now all you need to do is keep an eye on your campaign and see how well your ads perform. And since Google Ads allows you to edit your campaigns, you can always go the trial and error route.

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Closing thoughts

Google Ads are an essential part of marketing your auto repair business. They enable you to reach more prospective customers, generate new leads and receive more repair orders! We hope our guide helps your auto repair shop create an effective Google Ads strategy.

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