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Easily Manage Commissions with AutoLeap

Commissions are a great way to keep your team motivated and working hard on every RO assigned to them. With AutoLeap’s Commission feature, you can now set up a plan for your technicians and service advisors in a few easy steps!

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Setting up commissions

Once you’ve integrated AutoLeap with your shop, setting up a commission plan is just a few easy clicks away! The first step is to configure your plan. AutoLeap provides you with two easy ways to do so:

  • Invoice metrics
  • Service metrics

Invoice metrics allows you to set a percentage-based commission plan for service advisors and any invoices handled by them. This metric then applies to the gross profit of the invoice. Alternatively, service metrics can be applied for technicians or service advisors! This calculates percentage-based commissions on invoiced amounts or gross profits.

Simply click on your preferences, enter the amount and press Save! You can always come back and edit these at any time and review any changes done using the right panel.

Once you’ve created your commission plan, head on over to the list of Users that allows you to view any admins, service advisors and technicians on your team. Open any profile and choose to assign a commission plan to them!

Based on their role you’ll find one of these two options for commission plans:

  • Commission plan (Administrator) for service advisor plans
  • Commission plan (Technician) for technician plans

If the user is a hybrid employee, then both options would be available.

Assigning commissions on a repair order

Next time you’re creating any repair order using AutoLeap, don’t scratch your head over calculations and manual work. Now you can simply toggle on or off whether the service line item is commissionable in just one quick click!

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Closing Thoughts

There you have it, AutoLeap will now calculate the commissions for any technician or service advisor once the invoice has been paid. Plus, you get a handy report to overview any commissions paid by your store!

Auto Repair Shop Management Software

AutoLeap is a powerful all-in-one auto repair shop software that helps to keep complete track of your business – from scheduling appointments to managing technicians and generating invoices.

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