How to Use QuickBooks for Your Auto Repair Shop

One of the hardest aspects of running an auto repair shop, no matter how big or small, has to be the bookkeeping.

Keeping track of your business’s finances can sometimes seem like an unmanageable task! Wouldn’t it be much easier to have a tool to rely on that can do all that seamlessly?

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Thanks to QuickBooks accounting software, now you can! Let’s learn more about how using QuickBooks for auto body repair shops, auto reconditioning shops, and auto detailing shops can help your business.

What Is QuickBooks accounting software?

QuickBooks is an extremely efficient and user-friendly software that helps you manage each and every financial aspect of your auto repair business.

From creating balance statements to tracking fixed expenses, financial reports and vendor payments, this tool helps you keep track of how much money you’re spending while optimizing your profits! What could be better than a software that minimizes human error and at the same time is extremely cost effective?

Why is QuickBooks for auto repair shops Important?

QuickBooks allows you to:

In a nutshell, think of it as an all-in-one, cloud based accounting software solution that keeps track of all things financial while giving you the freedom to focus on your customers. And at the end of the day, isn’t that how we grow?

Sounds too good to be true? We’re just getting started! Here’s how you can make your auto repair business more efficient with the many features of QuickBooks Online.

How to use QuickBooks for your auto repair business

1. Track your expenditure

At the end of the day, your auto repair shop’s expenditure is what makes or breaks your business. Keeping a close eye on how much money you’re bringing in and your definite expenses allows you to more efficiently manage your finances. For example, tools, products and employee payroll are fixed expenses that you need to account for every month or quarter.

QuickBooks can help you track where every dime is spent and ensure that no funds are being misused with the click of a button. Since every receipt is saved, all records are readily available and spending patterns are easily accessible, you can better plan ahead.

2. Analyze past income

If we don’t learn from our history, we’re bound to repeat it. If you want to increase your profits, you have to analyze your past income. Before making a financial plan for the future, it’s extremely important to understand your profits from the previous years so you can see what needs to be tweaked. This can be done by adding up all your invoices to review your revenue. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start putting this data together.

Keeping track of your past costs can not only help in understanding seasonal trends but can also predict future revenue estimates. Talk about walking into the future prepared!

3. Assess profitability

This has to be every business owner’s favorite word: profit! When all is said and done, this is your bread and butter and knowing how well your auto repair shop is doing is key. By subtracting what you spent from what you’ve brought in, you get your net profit. Usually it’s a tedious task of pouring over past financial records, customer receipts and approximate costs with high chances of human error.

QuickBooks’ integration with AutoLeap allows easy access and customization options for all financial records from a profit and loss report, a balance sheet report, and a statement of cash flow.

4. Prepare taxes

No matter what happens, at least we know we can count on tax season to come around every year. Usually it brings with it a flurry of paperwork and bad moods. But it doesn’t have to! Gone are the days of being buried in a mountain of papers, not knowing what goes where. As technology has evolved, so should we. This is where QuickBooks comes in!

Not only can it help ease your tax process, it can make it more efficient. In the case of auto repair shops, tax deductions can be anything from fuel costs, employee wages, company uniforms etc. QuickBooks helps easily create relevant categories and automatically split your expenses in their respective slots. These reports are accessible on the go and can be downloaded for future use. How cool is that?

5. Access support

We know how tricky understanding and organizing so much financial data can be, so why do it alone? Apart from our team at AutoLeap, who are always here to assist you, QuickBooks also offers additional support with their accounts in the form of a QuickBooks expert to manage your bookkeeping for you! What more could you need to help your business thrive?

6. Plan for a financially sound future

Now that you have the data, you can pave the way for your auto body repair shop! It’s time to create a financial forecast using previous years’ data to estimate where you’ll be in the next year or five years. Forecasting your revenue, expenses and profits has never been easier!

Performance triggers are your best friends when it comes to planning for the future. Whether it’s the worst or the very best scenario, you need to have a sound action plan. Performance triggers are the metrics that judge whether your business is in good health or not. Keeping an eye on these metrics can help you decide when or if you need to make changes.

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Closing thoughts

It’s never a bad idea to invest in yourself! And make your life easier along the way. With the help of QuickBooks for auto repair shops, you can help your business grow!

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