6 of the Best Apps for Auto Repair Mechanics

Technology has transformed how automotive service mechanics and technicians look at their tasks. Smartphones have allowed nearly every user the power to access information on the go. Many businesses and technicians rely heavily on resources on the internet.

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Data from the Pew Research Center reveals that almost 97% of Americans own a smartphone. As the popular saying goes, “There’s an app for everything!The auto repair industry is no exception, and there are plenty of apps out there to make working on cars a lot easier.

Why should mechanics use apps?

Automotive technology is changing very quickly. A few years ago, the idea of electric vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) was a novelty. Most people wouldn’t have known that these technologies would become as widespread as they are today.

As vehicles get more technologically advanced, mechanics need to have the right skills and tools to work on them. This is where automotive repair apps come into play.

These apps can be a mechanic’s best friend if used correctly. Some of them even directly help technicians diagnose problems and fix them. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best automotive repair apps for today’s mechanics.

1. AutoCodes

AutoCodes is a reference guide for automotive repair mechanics. The app has over 60,000 code descriptions for nearly all makes and models, making it the largest database of OBD2 codes. Here are some of the benefits of this app:

  • Has a variety of codes: It caters to technicians with OBD2 diagnostic tools that don’t list the whole description of the code. The app is also useful in figuring out what parts are malfunctioning in a vehicle.

  • It’s easy to use: Type in the OBD2 code to get a full description, definition, problems, and solutions related to any vehicle. It’s a very versatile app that can provide the correct information along with diagrams, images, and videos to fix problems.

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2. Car Scanner ELM OBD2

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 connects to cars over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This automotive repair app caters to several purposes related to various makes and models. Here are some reasons why auto repair professionals use this app:

  • Allows customization: The app allows you to customize some of the codes to give better and more accurate information. It’s a distinctive feature that many other automotive repair apps lack.


  • Additional features: It also has many other unique features such as real-time monitoring, special connection profiles for various vehicles, and fuel consumption statistics.

  • User-friendly: The app is very intuitive compared to many other similar automotive repair apps. Seamless connectivity over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes it hassle-free.

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3. Torque Pro

Torque Pro is a premium app that allows users to make customizable profiles to enhance the in-app experience. While it offers robust solutions, the app requires users to invest in hardware as well. Here are some characteristics of this app:

  • Requires a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter: One of the few drawbacks of this automotive repair app is that it requires a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter to work.


  • Enhanced GPS features: Mechanics can get a lot more out of the app with its integrated GPS feature. The app provides tracker logs with OBD engine logging to give a complete history of what was being done at any point in time.
  • Has some cool features: It’s among the few apps available that reads out codes, tracks CO2 emissions, and reads out transmission temperatures for mechanics to get complete information.

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4. RepairBuddy

As the name suggests, RepairBuddy is like an assistant for mechanics. The app has several features that can be handy for technicians. It caters to nearly all makes and models—useful for any vehicle you work on. Let’s go over some of its features:

  • Interactive display: The app allows automotive mechanics to get a better view of their specific type of repair. Detailed automotive assembly diagrams and illustrations can help technicians reach the heart of the problem quicker.


  • Wiring diagrams: The RepairBuddy app has an extensive library of color-coded wiring diagrams for all makes and models. It makes repair jobs much easier and more cost-effective.

  • Video library: Unlike most other apps, RepairBuddy has a great video library. It includes service instructions and other materials that assist mechanics in getting through complex tasks and learning something new.

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5. YourMechanic – Technician App

YourMechanic is a handy app for automotive mechanics who are working independently. It allows them to earn extra money by offering their services through the app. Available in over 2,000 cities in the United States, the app connects technicians to vehicle owners.

  • Sign-up is simple: It is easy to sign up to the YourMechanic platform. Automobile mechanics can use the unique pin they receive after signing up to log into the YourMechanic – Technician App.


  • Bridges the gap between mechanics and vehicle owners: Not everyone has the time to bring their vehicle in for inspections and repairs. The app allows mechanics to connect with customers on the go and provide services at their location.


  • Something for everyone: With over 500 car repair services available on the app, there is something for every mechanic with different expertise. It’s a great platform for automobile mechanics to make some additional earnings.

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Invest in shop management software

There are several reasons you need auto repair software. Not only does auto repair shop management software help you manage the business side of things, but it also helps you build a relationship with your customers and add value to the technical aspect of your business.

AutoLeap’s shop management software is feature-packed and combines the functionality of various different platforms under one roof. Some of its features include:

  • Technician app: Using the technician app, mechanics can quickly mark the status of each job, clock in and out, and conduct digital vehicle inspections (DVI).
  • Increase profitability: Shop owners can monitor what brings in the most money for them and where they’re losing money. All data is presented to users when they open the dashboard or access detailed reports.


  • Win over customers: Using auto repair scheduling features, you can book customer appointments in advance and push reminders to them to reduce no-shows! Additionally, using software allows you to follow up with customers to encourage repeat business.
  • Save time: Using invoicing and bookkeeping tools, inventory management features, and online parts ordering functionality baked into the software, shop owners can save time and focus on expanding their business.


There are numerous apps available for auto repair mechanics. Technology has helped the field in many ways and improved the lives of technicians and customers.

However, picking the right ones for your line of work can always be tricky. The apps mentioned above are some of the best available to make your job easier.

Some of the top apps that mechanics use include: 

  • AutoCodes 
  • Car Scanner ELM OBD2

  • Torque Pro

  • RepairBuddy

  • YourMechanic

Yes. Mobile mechanics can use the same shop apps to diagnose vehicle issues and consult repair information. 

Auto Repair Shop Management Software

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