50 Best Auto Repair Shop Names

You have looked over your numbers and you think you are ready to open an auto repair shop. Your plan is solid, but there is a catch: The shop name is just a placeholder.

Picking a distinctive and authentic shop name is crucial. After all, the name is often the first thing potential customers interact with. Strong mechanic shop names also create loyalty. The wrong shop name can set you back by months. Using a name that’s already in existence adds rebranding expenses. A long and descriptive name can be difficult to remember or search for.

Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. In this blog, we are going to list the best auto repair shop names and some tips to help you come up with the perfect one for your new business.

We have segmented the various types of shop names you can choose into the following categories:

  • Simple auto repair business names
  • Short and unique auto repair shop names
  • Funny auto repair shop names
  • Catchy and creative auto repair shop names
  • Mobile repair shop names

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Simple auto repair business names

Simple auto repair shop names can be a powerful marketing strategy. Such a name will tell customers who you are and what you do. It will also deliver a message that you know who your customers are, and what is important to them. This is especially important to ensure customers who are unfamiliar with your brand aren’t confused.

One great way to craft a simple auto repair shop name is to add your service offering in the name as a prefix or suffix.

Here are some examples that demonstrate how you can combine words and phrases that convey your offering with a name, noun or an adjective:

  • Best Auto Craft 
  • One Stop Auto Zone 
  • Dupont Auto Tech
  • Auto Repair Experts
  • Quality Auto Repair
  • Mike’s Auto Garage 
  • Omar & Sons Auto Center
  • Precision Car Zone
  • Auto Care Champions
  • Sam’s Car Clinic

Short and unique auto repair shop names

Short, unique auto repair shop names are easier to remember, convenient to look up on Google and great for social media. A unique name will also set you apart from competitors. So let your creative juices flow and embrace getting a little weird or funky. Here are some short yet unusual mechanic shop names to give you a little inspiration:

  • Wrench King
  • Wheels Doc
  • Car Medic
  • King Mechanic
  • Car Intel
  • Marvel Autos
  • Car Fixers
  • Ignition Kingdom
  • The Car Guys
  • Extra Mile

Funny auto repair shop names

Are you a small business owner with a sense of humor? One way to make your auto shop unforgettable is to make people laugh when they first hear the name. A funny auto repair shop name can help you stand out from the crowd. You will also appeal to customers with a sense of humor similar to yours. Just make sure to pick a name that will continue to be funny for years to come – some examples include:

  • Brake Up Call
  • Wheel Be Alright
  • For Heaven’s Brake
  • Windshield Vipers
  • Never Tired Mechanics
  • Brake Fast AutoZone
  • Wheely Great
  • Kind of a Big Wheel
  • Fuel Good Repairs
  • Big Boss Mechanics

Catchy and creative auto repair shop names

First impressions are super important when it comes to any business. Your shop name is often your chance to give an excellent first impression to your potential customers. A creative shop name will help you achieve just that. One great way to figure out a catchy, original and creative name for your business is to think about your shop’s story, values and key differentiators.

It is also important to impose creative constraints on your brainstorming as you try to come up with a creative shop name. You could limit yourself to come up with names that are only one word or go with a non-dictionary word. Play off of words in your industry.

Here are some non-dictionary word names that will help you think of punchier name ideas:

  • Autospace
  • RepairAll
  • CarAid
  • Autopoint
  • Wrenchit
  • CarDoc
  • Truckare
  • Automic
  • Chromezone
  • Motorbay

Mobile repair shop names

Are you a mobile mechanic looking for a shop name? The best way to approach the naming process for a mobile repair shop is to think about the benefits you bring to your customers along with your routine services. You help your customers save time and money by bringing the shop right to them. Capture that in the name and you’ll be good to go.

These mobile repair shop names will help you brainstorm a great name:

  • Speedy Auto Care
  • Precision Mobile Mechanics
  • One Stop Mobile Shop
  • Quick Fix 
  • Mobile Truck Repair
  • My Mobile Mechanic
  • Mobile Auto Crew
  • Repair on Wheels
  • Jim’s Mobile Shop
  • Star Mobile Tire Service

More tips for finding the best names for an auto shop

Coming up with a great shop name can take a surprising amount of time. Now that you have some examples to get started, here are a few more tips that can help you get through this first step of building your business.

Tip 1: Always check for trademark issues

No business owner wants to add extra expenses to an already long list. And that is exactly what will happen if you have to change your shop name because of an impending lawsuit. That is why it’s important to trademark your shop name upon foundation or researching up front with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Tip 2: Make the name easy to say, spell and type

Imagine posting a flashy ad that catches a potential customer’s eye. It won’t help your customer if they can’t remember your shop name when they look you up later. If your shop name is easy to say, spell and type, it will be easier for customers to recall, look you up on search engines and refer you to others!

Always test the shop names you have shortlisted with people who were not involved in the brainstorming process.

Tip 3: Avoid SEO problems

It can be tempting to want to go with the first name that appeals to you during your name-storming process. However, it’s important to research the name with SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs to determine if the name would help you get paid or organic traffic. If your repair shop name is highly competitive with an existing company already dominating the SERP, go back to the drawing board and start over.

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Tip 4: Check domain availability

Now that you have a shortlist, it’s time to do some digging. Check which shop name from your shortlist is available in “.com” form. A “.com” website URL gives your repair workshop an air of legitimacy and brings in more web traffic. NameSilo is a great tool to look up website domain availability.

Tip 5: Look at social handles

A domain name is connected to your website, but many business owners want to use the same name across social media. This provides consistency, helps you build your brand and makes it easier for your customers to find you. Look up the name on social media channels to see if the name you selected is already taken. A quick way to do this is to use Namechk.

Tip 6: Try a repair shop name generator

If you haven’t had any luck finalizing a name for your auto repair business and need more help, try a business name generator such as NameSnack and BNG. These name generators can create hundreds of names for your shop depending on a few starting words that you share. You can refine the results by specifying your industry.

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Concluding thoughts

We know how tough it can be to come up with a new business name and hope that our list of best auto repair shop names and tips help you get a little closer to the name you want.

Remember that it’s okay to be picky. It’s important that you love your new shop name and feel confident about putting it out into the world. So don’t expect overnight success. Brainstorm plenty of name ideas, get feedback from your friends and family, and mull the choices over before picking a winner.

If you need help coming up with a name for your new business or any other support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at content@autoleap.com, and consider booking a free demo with a leading automotive repair software to make operations easier.

Good garage names all depend on how you wish to brand the business. Your business name should: 

  • Reflect your service offering 
  • Be short, sweet and unique
  • Embrace creativity 
  • Show off your sense of humor 
  • Detail your business type 
  • Be marketable and SEO-friendly

To name your mobile mechanic business, focus on the advantages you will deliver. How will the repair services you bring to customers make a difference? Focus on saving them time and money. Speak to the convenience they can expect.

To choose a shop name, focus on the services you will offer. Think of some original phrasing that is short, simple, creative and unique. Make sure the shop name will have marketable, SEO-friendly appeal. 

A good name for an auto shop will focus on the unique value your business delivers. At the same time, it will have a catchy appeal that you can actively market and build a brand around. 

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