9 Ways To Grow Your Auto Repair Business

By July 15, 2021 November 23rd, 2021 Marketing

Craving a cheeseburger post midnight? Off to McDonald’s! 

Need to get to the airport? Book an Uber!

Car making odd sounds? Uh…call Dad?

Unlike other businesses, auto repair shops are at the back of peoples’ minds until something goes wrong. Some people have a go-to trusted mechanic, but most turn to Google to decide where to take their car.

We’ve done the research, and here are the 9 most impactful things you can do to become the auto repair shop of choice in your neighborhood

Get new customers through your doors

Leverage the immense reach of today’s web along with tried and tested marketing strategies to keep your bays busy with a constant stream of new customers:

1. Setup your business website

If you don’t have a business website yet, you need one—now! The vast majority of car owners today are under 40, and only interact with businesses that they can find online. The most compelling auto repair shop websites have..

  • A list of the services they provide
  • Contact information, displayed front and center (include your location PIN for customers viewing your website on their mobiles)
  • Fast load times
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • Relevant content (think blogs and tips)
  • Customer reviews (pro tip: you can import Google Reviews to your website)

2. Use local SEO to increase website traffic

When you Google something, how likely are you to scroll down and click on the second, let alone third page of results to find what you’re looking for?

When a prospective customer searches for “weird exhaust sound” or “auto shops near me”, you’d want your website to show up at the top. This is where local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in; if this sounds too technical, don’t worry—there are tons of SEO experts out there ready to help.

According to Google, websites that rank higher are likely to get 70% more clicks, which directly affects the amount of traffic (potential customers) you get on the site and leads to higher conversions rates (a prospect who clicks on the site, interacts with it and eventually becomes a customer).

3. Ask for reviews

Raving reviews from past customers are your most valuable assets when it comes to convincing new customers to give your shop a try. Positive reviews on Google and Yelp will strengthen your brand identity, enhance customer trust, and increase the chances of new customers leaving their cars under your care.

4. Partner with other local businesses

Your auto repair shop might not be the only small business in the area that’s competing against bigger corporations. Your next door café or neighborhood mom-and-pop grocery store might be facing an equally tough time from a Walmart or Starbucks.

For example, you could set up a mutually beneficial affiliation with the café, where you would advertise the café to your customers and in return, they would get a discount at the café for showing a receipt from your shop! And vice versa.

5. Voucher advertising

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Vouchers (or coupons) are a cost effective, yet impactful option which you could explore to attract new customers. These also help your customers stay on top of easy-to-forget, but critical maintenance services for their cars. You could include offers such as:

  • Free 10-point inspection with an oil change
  • Free oil change with a safety test

Get more paid jobs and increase your ticket size

6. Use the latest automotive technology

Amp up the customer experience at your shop with Digital Vehicle Inspections.

DVI equips auto technicians with the power of multimedia (photos and videos) to point out exactly what needs to be fixed. It will give your customers a deeper sense of understanding, allowing them to make an informed decision about the auto repairs recommended by your business.

Tech-savvy auto repair shops can increase their average ticket size by 30% or more with these modern automotive tools, DVI being just one such example.

7. Send automated reminders

Did you ever imagine that something as simple as reminders could help you make more money?

  • Reduce customer no-shows (and increase revenue) by sending automated appointment reminders via text and email to customers
  • Send automated reminders for repair estimates that require authorization, and increase your quote-to-job conversion ratio

Pretty cool, huh?

Get more paid jobs and increase your ticket size

Ensure recurring revenue from your existing customers and take your business to the next level.

8. Maintenance reminders

Kill two birds with one stone by sending maintenance reminders to your customers. Your customers enjoy more peace of mind on the road, and you enjoy a stable base of repeat business for your shop—truly a win-win!

Service reminders show customers that you care about them and their cars, making you stand out from the competition. AutoLeap’s auto repair software allows you to save deferred maintenance & services, and automate the follow-up process with customers—even if you forget, your customers will still get reminders!

9. Loyalty programs

Offer a loyalty (or VIP) program for your regular customers; this will serve as an incentive for them to keep using you for their auto repair needs.  For example:

  • You could provide a free oil change for every five fully-paid oil changes
  • Or you could offer a coupon for a free car-wash for every $X spent at your shop, and in return, have the car-wash advertise your business to their customers!

Shop Management Software

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