Top 10 Largest Car Manufacturers (by Brand Value) 

Which brands represent the largest car manufacturers in the world? And how do the largest auto manufacturers influence auto repair? 

Let’s discover answers on the biggest car manufacturers in the world using industry data! 

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But first: a note on our rankings

You can measure and rank automotive companies using many different criteria. Examples include total sales, market share, and annual revenue figures. For this blog post, we will analyze the biggest car manufacturers in the world using brand value. 

So what is brand value? Qualtrics defines brand value as “the monetary worth of your brand if you were to sell it.” 

Consider this shop example. What amount would an outside party pay to assume complete ownership over your shop’s brand and its revenue potential? That figure represents brand value.  

Why manufacturers matter for auto repair

You may wonder how a list of the largest auto manufacturers could relate to the day-to-day operations in your shop. 

It’s quite simple! This data will influence the types of vehicles you receive future repair orders on. Automotive industry trends can also reveal areas you should devote specialized training. 

Take a premier brand name in Tesla. Your shop may have no experience working on electric vehicles (EVs). But current market valuations indicate that Tesla and EVs are a huge part of the auto repair industry’s future. 

Your shop can leverage this information to prepare for new vehicle technologies. You can also learn specialized skills for specific brand types that require them. 

Top 10 largest car manufacturers in the world

It’s time to rank the biggest car manufacturers in the world!

For each manufacturer, we examine their 2022 brand value, what they are known for, and the potential angle for auto repair shops. 

1. Tesla

Brand value (2022): 

In terms of Statista brand value data, Tesla earns the title of the biggest car company in the world. 

With a staggering $75.93 billion in brand value, Tesla dominates most of the world’s top auto manufacturers. 

Known for: 

Founded in 2003, Tesla quickly became a household name in the luxury vehicle space. Tesla produces zero-emission vehicles, with popular models including the Model S and Model 3. 

Angle for auto repair: 

Electric vehicles (EVs) remain a trendy topic in the aftermarket auto industry. As EVs become more predominant on local roadways, auto repair shops should prepare with specialized training and equipment. 

This eBook covers strategies to prepare your shop for emerging vehicle technology. 

2. Toyota

Brand value (2022): A significant drop-off in brand valuation occurs between Tesla and the second-highest manufacturer. But Toyota still registers an impressive $33.11B in total brand value, according to Statista.  

Known for: 

Toyota is one of the largest and most well-known auto manufacturers. The Japan-based business, founded in 1937, sold over two million vehicles last year

Toyota is known for producing vehicles with tremendous lifespans. That longevity makes Toyota vehicles a smart investment for daily commuters.  

Its lineup features pickup trucks, full-size SUVs, sedans, and electric cars. Popular vehicle models include the Tundra and Camry. 

Angle for auto repair: 

Your shop can expect to see many Toyota models for general repairs. These vehicles are built to last and can run well over 200,000 miles. Along the way, they will require plenty of upkeep. And that’s where you come into play!

3. Mercedes-Benz

Brand value (2022): Mercedes-Benz, a premier brand for luxury vehicles, rounds out the top three largest car manufacturers. Statista data shows that Mercedes-Benz’s total brand value was $30.35B in 2022. 

Known for: 

Mercedes-Benz is known for inventing key automotive technologies like the airbag. Its premium lineup features SUVs, sedans, wagons, and coupes. It also boasts an impressive lineup of commercial vehicles, headlined by sprinter vans. 

Popular models include the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan and the Mercedes-Benz GLA SUV. 

Angle for auto repair: 

Top-end vehicles will always require a lot of general repairs and maintenance to operate at peak performance. Your shop has an opportunity to differentiate itself by marketing the specialized services you offer for luxury cars. 

4. BMW

Brand value (2022): Coming in at #4 on this list of largest manufacturers is BMW. The Germany-based manufacturer’s brand value totaled $27.59B in 2022 (according to Statista).

Known for: Founded in 1916, BMW was first known for its mass production of aircraft engines. The manufacturer eventually shifted its focus to luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

Today, its popular lineup features stand-out SAVs, sedans, coupes, convertibles, and electric cars. Two noteworthy models include the BMW X5 and BMW 3 Series. 

Angle for auto repair: 

Luxury vehicles can offer new revenue opportunities for your shop. Their premium parts can cost more. Some of the on-board technology also requires specialized training for your technicians. 

Many luxury manufacturers rank in the top five of this brand value list. Prepare your shop to deliver exceptional service on premium brand repairs.

5. Ford

Brand value (2022): Rounding out the top five is an iconic United States manufacturer. Ford’s brand value in 2022 was $13.21B, according to Statista.

Known for: Founding the company in 1903, Henry Ford paved the way for modern daily driving with the Model T debut. 

For decades, Ford vehicles have been a staple on US roadways. Ford’s F-Series pickup trucks continue to earn accolades and set sales records. One of the top American car companies continues to rack up awards. 

Ford Motor Company also features an expansive lineup of SUVs and sedans known for their comfort and utility. 

Angle for auto repair: 

Your auto repair shop may work on many different makes and models. But specialization matters. 

Ford truck enthusiasts will look for a reliable auto repair business with experience working on F-Series models. Promote these qualifications if your shop can work on this brand of full-size pickup and commercial trucks. 

6. Honda

Brand value (2022): $11.12B (according to Statista)

Known for: 

  • Japan-based company founded in 1948
  • Honda vehicles are known for innovative safety technology and impressive fuel efficiency 
  • Popular models include Honda CR-V, Accord, and Pilot

7. Audi

Brand value (2022): $10.67B (according to Statista)

Known for: 

  • Germany-based company founded in 1909
  • Audi vehicles are known for sleek design and performance 
  • Popular models include the Audi Q5 and A4

8. BYD Auto

Brand value (2022): $10.52B (according to Statista)

Known for: 

  • China-based manufacturer founded in the early 2000s
  • Eco-friendly focus with electric cars, sedans, and SUVs 
  • BYD Auto vehicles are known for innovative blade battery

9. Volkswagen

Brand value (2022): $9.25B (according to Statista)

Known for: 

  • Germany-based manufacturer founded in the 1930s
  • Produce upscale sedans, SUVs, and electric vehicles
  • Popular Volkswagen models include the Atlas, Jetta & Tiguan

10. Porsche

Brand value (2022):  $8.16B (according to Statista)

Known for: 

  • Germany-based manufacturer founded in the 1930s 
  • Produce premium sports cars and racing vehicles 
  • Notable Porsche models include the Cayenne and 911

Angles for auto repair (#6-10)

These are far from the only brands your shop will work on for general repairs. Hyundai, Chrysler, and Kia are a few more of the largest car companies to focus on for specialized repair training. 

This list of brand values for the biggest car manufacturers in the world can help your shop prepare. Do you have a current specialization? Is one of your technicians an expert in truck repairs? Or exotic sports car repairs? 

Understanding the top brands will help you focus on developing (and marketing) your differentiators. Find the angle that makes your auto repair shop unique from competitors in the area! 

Emerging vehicle technology is another theme to focus on. Seek out shop training on EVs and learn about the equipment required. The same is true for advanced-driver-assistance systems, which will vary by make. 

Wrapping up

We hope this brand value ranking of the largest car manufacturers in the world is useful for your shop!

Use this info to enhance your specializations on manufacturers and train for emerging vehicle technology. 

People Also Ask

The world’s largest automotive company in terms of brand value is Tesla. The brand was worth $75.93B in 2022 brand value, according to Statista data. 

Tesla, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz are the top three automakers in terms of 2022 brand value, according to Statista data. 

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