5 Magazines All Auto Repair Shop Owners Should Read

The ever-changing auto repair industry requires mechanics and shop owners to stay updated with the latest news and techniques. This is where automotive mechanic magazines play a key role to help fill in the knowledge gap.

These magazines offer both technicians and auto shop owners a chance to get quality information from the right sources. Such magazines have articles on several types of vehicles, lastest trends, along with advice and tips from industry leaders.

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Independent repair facilities (IRFs) perform 75% of aftermarket auto repair, while dealerships account for only 25% of the auto repair business. This calls for technicians to get the best information to provide customers with top-notch service.

Why are magazines important for auto shop owners?

The average age of an auto repair shop owner is 46 years old—that means every shop owner brings years of experience to the table. However, with the rapidly changing technology in the auto repair sector, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

Coupled with automotive workshop management software , the right magazine can give you an edge over the competition.

Shop owners must know how to work on electric vehicles (EVs) and those equipped with the latest safety technology such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Currently, there are hundreds of automotive mechanic magazines in the United States that help keep professionals stay updated. Here are some of the best auto repair magazines available.

1. AutoInc

A goldmine of information, AutoInc is a platform that provides important insights about the industry to readers. Other than that, the magazine features:

  • Latest government policies affecting the auto repair sector.
  • Challenges shops in the industry commonly face and ways to address them.
  • Tips to improve your business.
  • Training opportunities for auto mechanics.
  • Stories from shop owners and technicians so that readers can learn from their experiences.

2. Tech Shop Mag

Automotive repair shop owners and technicians are always looking for new and improved tools that can help make their tasks efficient and cost-effective. Some of the information in Tech Shop Mag includes:

    • New tools and auto repair equipment such as better diagnostic gear.
    • Guides for known issues with popular vehicle models.
    • Strategies to diagnose problems using specialized tools.
    • Tips for understanding codes required in auto repair.

It also features a buyer’s guide that helps auto shop owners and techs find the right tools for their specialty. Published by Babcox, this auto repair magazine helps auto repair professionals understand the tools that they need.

3. Auto Service Professional

Auto Service Professional offers exactly what the name suggests. This automotive mechanic magazine is dedicated to filling a vital role in the aftermarket by giving highly technical and accurate information to repair shops. It also highlights the tools required to execute jobs as accurately as possible.

The magazine caters to a large audience and provides in-depth analyses of all types of vehicles. It has several articles on electric vehicles (EVs) which makes it an excellent choice for technicians and auto repair shop owners who work in multiple categories. Some examples of the content in the magazine are:


    • Details about known faults in cars.
    • Upcoming technological trends in the auto repair industry.

Auto mechanics and repair shop owners should look to stay ahead of the crowd and incorporate the newest techniques in their work. The Auto Service Professional magazine gives them an in-depth look at emerging tech in the auto tools industry through frequent newsletters and publications.

4. MOTOR Magazine

Automotive repair magazines have been around for a while. Since 1903, MOTOR has been educating professionals all over the United States. It was founded by William Randolph Hearst and published by Hearst Corp.

MOTOR publishes issues every month that cover a large variety of important topics for auto mechanics with technical information on the repairing cars and light trucks. It covers topics such as:

  • Servicing cars the right way.
  • Fixing problems to improve vehicle performance and increase their lifespan.
  • Best tools required for service.
  • New car models and potential impacts of new technology on repair shops.

The magazine has gone digital since 2021 with an expanded audience base, providing valuable information across a wide variety of automotive industries.

5. ShopOwner Magazine

A bi-monthly magazine, ShopOwner delivers shop management-related editorial targeting the everyday issues of running an automotive repair shop. First published in 2010 by Babcox Media in the United States, the magazine has a strong network of more than 500,000 auto repair professionals.

Readers of this magazine can get guides on the following topics, to name a few:

  • The importance of customer loyalty and how to develop the right strategy to encourage repeat business.
  • Ways to improve productivity at an auto repair shop.
  • Guides on how to manage the business side rather than just the technical aspect of auto repair.

ShopOwner delivers emerging and relevant technical repair information with the right resources. The magazine is not just resourceful for automotive mechanics, but also shop owners.


Not many automotive mechanic magazines cover different topics like this one. It will help keep your business humming from the repair bays to the service counter.


There is no right answer to which automotive mechanic magazines you should commit to as a shop owner. The magazines listed above provide some of the best and most in-depth analyses and tips into the auto repair shop industry that can help take your shop to the next level.

Yes. Kelsey Media still publishes Car Mechanics Magazine. The UK-based magazine offers DIY advice on maintenance and repairs for car enthusiasts.

Ratchet and Wrench magazine provides tips on all things auto care. It covers every auto repair business detail, from training to marketing and technology. 

The automotive industry features many popular magazines still in print publication. Popular publications include: 

  • AutoInc
  • Tech Shop Mag 
  • Auto Service Professional 
  • ShopOwner Magazine

MOTOR Magazine’s final print issue came out in December 2020. The publication’s digital website still posts regular content, including industry articles.  

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