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Podcast Preview (Episode 22): Improving Customer Communication in Your Auto Repair Shop (Part 1)

The Shop Management Show, AutoLeap’s new podcast, is back to cover a critical component of running your auto repair business: customer communication. 

Why does customer communication affect your shop’s success? How can you create a culture of active listeners among your team? 

We discussed these communication topics and much more with an industry expert. 

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Recap from episode 22

In episode 22 of The Shop Management Show, I was thrilled to be joined by Cecil Bullard, CEO of the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence.

Cecil and I discussed: 

  • Why some shops focus less on customer communication 
  • The role of verbal cues in a shop conversation 
  • Winning new customers through effective communication
  • And much more

Let’s get into some insightful episode moments. 

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How customer communication impacts your shop’s bottom line

Everyone wants to feel heard! That theme comes up with Cecil throughout our podcast discussion. 

It’s easy for your shop to focus on pricing and car count. But the differentiating factor for your business will always be the experience your customers have. 

They won’t remember you repairing their water pump or brakes. What they will remember is whether you listened to their concerns. Did they feel understood?

Effective communication is vital for a positive impact here. Cecil mentions the conversations he listens to between service advisors and their customers. So often, a customer will directly tell you what they need. But you may only notice that if you focus less on the work you have waiting or their potential pricing concerns. 

Creating a shop culture of active listeners

Most shops are busy. But that reality can’t come off as distracted service when interacting with customers. 

Cecil brings up the example of a typical distracted conversation. Think about the last time someone talked to you but didn’t give their full attention. They avoid making eye contact or repeatedly check their phone while speaking. There weren’t physical cues like smiling or nodding their head when you make a valid point. 

Now, translate that to a service advisor on the phone. A potential customer calls. Consider Cecil’s following two responses: 

  • Example 1: “Thanks for calling. How can I help you?”

  • Example 2: “Thank you for calling Cecil’s Automotive! How can I help you today?”

As a potential customer, which example would you feel the service advisor is engaged in your conversation? 

With example two, the service advisor comes off as attentive and insightful. Cecil provides follow-up snippets of the mock conversation where this service advisor reacts to the customer’s situation. They ask follow-up questions throughout and provide crystal-clear solutions. 

The lesson: build a team of active listeners. It will make a huge difference in converting interested parties into lifelong customers. But again, you need to pay close attention to what they tell you.

Closing thoughts

Check out this episode today for more customer communication strategies. Also, download our free eBook on mastering customer communication! It’s packed with actionable advice for your shop, featuring more expert insights from Cecil.

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