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Podcast Preview (Episode 6): How to Create a Compliant Shop Handbook

What is a shop handbook? Why does it matter for your business? How can you create a compliant handbook? 

The Shop Management Show, AutoLeap’s new podcast, set out to answer these questions in one of our latest episodes.

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Recap from episode six

In The Shop Management Show’s sixth episode, I previewed highlights from AutoLeap’s free eBook detailing how to create a compliant shop handbook.

Specifically, I covered: 

  • What is a shop handbook? 

  • Advantages of a quality shop handbook 

  • Pitfalls of a poor quality (or no) shop handbook

  • Steps to build a compliant shop handbook 

Joe Marconi and Kevin Vaught from Elite deserve a special shout out for the expert insights they contributed to this eBook. Now let’s get into some highlights!

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What is a shop handbook (and why does it matter)?

So what is a shop handbook anyways? 

In our free eBook, Joe Marconi defines a handbook as “guidelines and boundaries that your business can’t waver from.” 

Simply put, a handbook documents all the operational details of your auto repair shop. You will include everything from your open hours to employee sick days, PTO policies, and drug policy. 

A quality handbook creates several advantages for your business. Here are some specific benefits: 

Benefits of a quality shop handbook

How can I create a compliant shop handbook?

You understand the advantages. Now it’s time to create a compliant handbook that unifies your team and protects your business. But how? 

Our podcast discussion covers the specific steps. To build your shop handbook, you will need to: 

  1. Define your mission statement and core values

  2. Tell your shop’s story 

  3. Fill in logistical details (ex. employee PTO policy and your shop’s parking policy)

  4. Have an HR company or labor law attorney review your handbook and authorize it for legal compliance

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Closing thoughts

Download our free eBook today for the complete step-by-step process to build a compliant shop handbook that unifies your shop and protects your business. 

You can listen to this episode of the Shop Management Show and check out more of our conversations on key industry topics today. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and most popular streaming services.

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