Ranking the Best Mechanic Tool Brands

To perform top-notch work on customers’ vehicles, your mechanics need the very best equipment. And that’s where knowing the best mechanic tool brands can help! 

Before we deep dive into the best tool brands for mechanics, let’s take a look at the basic tools that a professional should have. 

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Must-have tools for professional mechanics

Whether you’re a novice starting to learn your way around the shop or a professional mechanic specializing in a specific field, tools are a must! 

From essential tools covering general repairs to specialized tools aimed at advanced jobs, knowing which tool to use when is the difference between good mechanics and great ones. 

Here are seven of the most essential tools for general repairs:

Among the hand tools a mechanic requires are pliers, scissors, hand and pneumatic wrenches. Other hand tools include instruments, lathes, girders, and screwdrivers. 

Additionally, mechanics make use of specialist auto component tools, welding apparatus, lifts, and computerized diagnostic tools.

You now have an overview of common mechanic tools. Let’s consider some of the top mechanic tool brands in the marketplace. 


1. Mac Tools

Due to its outstanding performance, Mac Tools is recognized as a top brand in the tool manufacturing sector. The Mechanic Tools and Forge Company was founded in 1938.

The Mechanic Tool and Forge Company’s name was changed to the now-famous Mac Tools in 1961. This brand offers more than 800 professional tools, including various air tools, ratchets, screwdrivers, and wrenches.


Mac Tools offer a broad selection of equipment for both novice and experienced mechanics. They feature hand tools, specialist tools, pneumatic tools, and other necessary sets for mechanical jobs.


2. Snap-on

The Snap-on brand is synonymous with mechanical equipment. Consumers and mechanics consistently rank this brand among the top options. 

Snap-on provides almost every tool that a mechanic requires, from high-quality sockets to pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. Additionally, Snap-on offers a comprehensive range of tools for apprentices.

The brand does charge a premium for its collection of tools. However, you can be confident that the tools you purchase from them are of the highest caliber possible. 

3. Kobalt

Even though the Kobalt tool brand hasn’t been around as long as some others, it nevertheless merits considerable attention. Kobalt tools are very accessible and found in most local hardware stores. The company’s selection of lithium-ion, battery-powered devices is what it’s most known for.


The cheaper price of the Kobalt tool selection is what stands out the most. The tools required for routine auto repairs and general maintenance won’t cost you a lot of money. However, because this company isn’t really aimed toward pro technicians, you might have some difficulty finding shop-specific tools for advanced repair orders. 

4. OTC

Owatonna Tool Company is recognized as a top supplier that creates superior individual tools. Based in Owatonna, Minnesota, the company was founded in 1934 by Godfrey Kaplan.

OTC offers heavy-duty truck tools and hydraulic systems. Known for offering extremely durable tools, your mechanics won’t need to replace them any time soon. 

5. Craftsman

Craftsman, a household name, was developed in 1927 by Sears. The brand is popular with mechanics for how durable the tools are. Utility is another area where Craftsman tools thrive. Warranty coverage for the tools may differ by product, with some tools offering lifetime warranties and others offering one-year warranties.

6. Wright

Wright has operated in the US manufacturing industry since 1927. Their tools include wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers.

Wright is well known for tools that offer tremendous durability, even with heavy usage. The company’s manufacturing process has a lot to do with that. Heat treating the alloy steel gives Wright tools a leg up. Throw in a lifetime warranty, and it’s easy to see why these tools are so popular with shops and mechanics.


7. Williams

Williams tools were created in 1882 by Matthew Diamond and James Harvey. In 1993, the brand was purchased by Snap-On. Most of the tools offered by Williams come with a one-year warranty, falling short of other tools on this list.

8. Milwaukee Tool

Another American company that is known for its electric tools is Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. It was known for introducing the one-handed capacity hole-shooter drill (1/4″) in 1918. Eventually, Milwaukee developed electric hammers, sanders, polishers, and other equipment.

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Closing thoughts

Quality tools are a smart investment for auto repair shops and their mechanics. Choose wisely from the top brands using this guide’s information. If you’re looking to upgrade your tool kit, then check out our list of the best mechanic tool sets.
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