Retaining Customers with AutoLeap’s Marketing Feature

The most important part of staying ahead of your competition is staying relevant. Automated marketing campaigns are a great way to timely remind customers of regular services and keep track of their needs!

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Benefits of follow-up campaigns

Bringing in new customers to your shop can be expensive and a time-consuming process. But retaining existing customers can be more cost effective and easier for you to achieve, especially with shop management software to help you out!

Using Follow-up Campaigns with AutoLeap’s Marketing feature helps you stay in touch with your customer base in just a few clicks with useful information such as:

  • Periodic updates on upcoming routine services
  • Reminders for deferred services
  • Seasonal campaigns and offers at your shop
  • And much more!

And the best part? You can automate your messages and emails to save time and focus your efforts where it counts!

How do follow-up campaigns work?

Before you run a follow-up campaign, it is important to have your customers information and repair orders on AutoLeap. This allows you to know which services have been deferred or may be upcoming for a customer. Using those details, you can customize each campaign with your customers in mind!

  1. Create a group of customers from a list or based on a particular service
  2.  Create a template based on whether you’d like to have an email or SMS go out
  3. Choose a trigger event to send out a follow-up, such as a set time period for an oil change
  4. Schedule and save your campaign
  5. Check your performance reports to see how your follow-up campaign performed!

Wrapping up

Once you’ve run your campaign, you can also keep track of your campaign’s progress in real time, from the number of confirmations to how many customers have received the email/SMS. AutoLeap also offers unique insight on how well your campaign is performing by giving you access to data on appointments created vs. confirmed and estimates created vs. invoiced.

Start using AutoLeap today to supercharge your shop’s growth!

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