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What Are AAA-Approved Auto Repair Facility Characteristics?

What are AAA-approved auto repair facility characteristics?

The American Automobile Association sets a high bar for which shops earn its approval.

AAA members value these shops and their commitment to delivering the best repair experience. At these facilities, they also enjoy special member perks like free inspections and repair discounts.

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So what are AAA-approved auto repair facility characteristics? And how do they factor into the approval process? Let’s find out! 

What does “AAA-approved auto repair” mean for shops?

Qualities of an AAA-approved shop

1. ASE certifications for every technician

AAA requires top-notch performance from its mechanics. Your technicians will each need certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

2. OEM parts for vehicle repairs

Don’t even consider using discounted, aftermarket parts for auto repair services. AAA will want to see that your shop uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Quality matters!

3. Annual shop inspections

Speaking of evaluation, AAA will complete one for your shop! To pass, every item featured on this list should meet their program standards.

And that’s far from where this evaluation ends. Even after certification, AAA conducts annual inspections to ensure your shop continues meeting its lofty benchmarks.

4. Modern equipment approval

What equipment does your shop use to work on tires or exhaust systems? What about suspension systems and electrical systems?

Again, quality is crucial. If you’re using outdated equipment on modern vehicles, that can cause issues. Evaluations of your shop equipment will focus on their ability to:

  • Fix repairs from rust damage
  • Address comprehensive body damage
  • Manage maintenance inspections
  • Complete full-service auto maintenance

Have issues in this area? You will need to upgrade your equipment to meet these performance standards.

5. Tools check

Tools are another critical component of the AAA evaluation stages. From impact wrenches to ratchets and sockets, your mechanics should use quality tools.

Assess the current condition of your shop tools. When was the last time you upgraded? Are you confident these tools will pass a rigorous inspection process? Make the necessary adjustments based on this evaluation.

6. Customer transparency

Customer interaction is another component of reliability that AAA values. How do you go above and beyond to ensure an excellent customer service experience at your shop?

One specific area to focus on is customer communication. How transparent is the process for sharing estimates? Do customers understand why their vehicle needs a repair?

Digital vehicle inspections are a great way to highlight automotive issues. For example, if your mechanic identifies dangerous rust issues, you can share images or a video with the customer. Include a detailed explanation with these visuals.

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Closing thoughts

There’s a reason over 57 million members across the US and Canada trust AAA. Your shop could gain an edge over competitors with access to this exclusive group. Use this checklist to elevate your shop standards before pursuing approval.

Frequently asked questions

1) What are characteristics of a quality auto repair facility?

A quality auto repair facility should feature:

  • ASE-certified technicians
  • Genuine OEM parts
  • Cutting-edge equipment and tools
  • Premium customer service experience

2) What are two advantages of choosing a AAA-approved auto repair facility?

An AAA-approved auto repair facility will offer special member perks and discounts on services and repairs. You can also enjoy free inspections by ASE-certified technicians.

3) What are examples of an ASE technician’s code of ethics?

An ASE technician’s code of ethics includes a set of values to live by. These principles include a commitment to continued learning, integrity with work, honesty with mistakes and display of professionalism.

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