Mobile Repair Business GraceFully Fixed Optimizes Operations with AutoLeap

Learn how Gracefully Fixed increased efficiency and enhanced customer experience with AutoLeap shop management software.

The biggest advantage has been the seamless experience of having everything in one place, which makes it easier for us to focus on — and grow the repair side of the business.

Precious Brown

Owner of GraceFully Fixed

New business owners Precious Brown and her husband, Marquise, started GraceFully Fixed as a mobile repair business with the goal to grow their business and give back to their community.

The couple started their Charlotte, North Carolina-based business in September 2020 with one mobile unit, and aspire to convert their business into a brick-and-mortar shop in the future. 

With these goals in mind, they implemented AutoLeap auto repair shop management software to streamline their operations and prepare for future growth.

Why Choose AutoLeap?

Before AutoLeap, the owners of GraceFully Fixed used another software. They initially chose the software because they wanted a basic, relatively cheap product that provided access to labor times and invoicing.

“Our previous software did what we needed but wasn’t efficient and had a lot of kinks,” Precious explains. “We felt it wasn’t what was advertised.”

In addition, she spent hours with customer support on a weekly basis attempting to get issues fixed. If the issue wasn’t fixed over a period of days, she had to manually enter in data so they could keep working.

They decided to research auto repair shop management software online, where they came across AutoLeap. Since they switched to AutoLeap, customers no longer complain about their software, Precious points out.

Key Benefits of Using AutoLeap

After implementing AutoLeap, the mobile repair business improved efficiency, both administratively and in the field.

On average, GraceFully Fixed completes two to three jobs a day in the field, and four to five if the business works at a dealership customer site. GraceFully Fixed purposefully timed the implementation of AutoLeap with their first dealership account.

“We didn’t want them to experience all the issues we had with our prior system,” Precious says, adding they can better manage and plan for this larger account, which wouldn’t have been possible with their previous software.

Tech efficiency improved because the techs can more easily create estimates in the field — a necessity in the mobile repair business, as the techs become the service writer upon arrival at the job.

AutoLeap reduced unproductive tech time by one hour daily, Precious points out, and the calendar feature helps the tech plan ahead both for travel and repair time.

Precious says the key benefits of AutoLeap include:
  • Improved planning and scheduling.
  • Less time researching and ordering parts.
  • Easily convert estimates into invoices.
  • Capability to create estimates in the field.
  • Increased customer trust due to transparent information.
  • Rapid notification of customer approval.
  • Personal attention from AutoLeap customer support.

What GraceFully Fixed Customers Love About AutoLeap

Since GraceFully Fixed operates as a mobile business, it’s important to quickly establish trust with customers.

One of the biggest things AutoLeap helped us with has been looking more professional, which is crucial being first-time business owners. You’re only as good as what you present.

Owner of GraceFully Fixed

The business acheived increased revenue per service ticket because of the software’s improved transparency with customers.

“Being able to send customers the DVIs (digital vehicle inspections) with recommendations for both immediate repairs and future needs definitely converts those diagnoses into more repairs,” Precious says. “The transparency of all the information we provide reinforces our capabilities and makes customers more likely to trust us — which drives sales.”

AutoLeap Makes Creating Estimates and Invoices Easier

The mobile repair business gained significant time savings as a result of AutoLeap streamlining the estimate, approval, and invoice process.

With AutoLeap, GraceFully Fixed now spends only 5 minutes researching and ordering parts because all the information remains in one place — compared to 30 minutes with the previous software. AutoLeap also helps save about 10 minutes creating each estimate.

The customer approval process improved with enhanced communication.

“We couldn’t trust that customers were receiving estimates that were sent from our prior system, so we would send them manually and then follow up with customers for approval,” Precious explains.

Previously, Precious spent up to an hour on the customer approval process, including idle time waiting for the customer to respond before dispatching the mobile unit. The approval process takes seconds with AutoLeap, because she can send estimates directly to customers and they can give instant approvals.

AutoLeap’s invoice process functions efficiently and accurately for the business, because the software easily converts estimates into invoices, correctly calculates and adds taxes, and then fully syncs with QuickBooks.

Precious Brown
Owner of GraceFully Fixed

GraceFully Fixed: Pre-AutoLeap vs. Post-AutoLeap

With AutoLeap, GraceFully Fixed streamlined its operations, saved time, and enhanced the customer experience.

Precious appreciates AutoLeap taking the time to address the needs of their small business, and also caring on a personal level. Recently, AutoLeap’s customer support team sent them a blender as a get-well gift after her husband underwent surgery.

AutoLeap enabled GraceFully Fixed to reduce time on:

  • Researching and ordering parts by 80%.
  • Customer approval by 80-90%.
  • Almost eliminated time spent creating invoices and transferring into QuickBooks. 


  • Unproductive tech time by one hour daily.

The people at AutoLeap are awesome. They’re extremely responsive and actually listen to, and address, our needs — despite the fact that we’re a small shop.

Owner of GraceFully Fixed