Minit Auto Tirecraft Triples New Customers, Eliminates No-Shows with AutoLeap

Family is at the core of Minit Auto Tirecraft. The sprawling 10,000-square feet, nine-bay shop first opened in 1990. Habiba and Shiraz Daya, Toronto-based immigrants from Kenya, decided to launch their own repair business. Purchasing property in nearby St. Catherines, they built a successful two-bay shop. Fast forward 32 years later, and sons Irfan, Imran and Zaheed now manage the business. Both parents remain plenty involved.

Over the years, Minit has earned a stand-out reputation for its repair services.

We have become one of the go-to shops in the region for other shops that have vehicular issues they aren’t able to solve. That’s a testament to my father, who is a master technician, and all the investments we’ve made over time in tools and technology. They have helped differentiate us as a shop.

Irfan Daya
Managing Director at Minit Auto Tirecraft

The business continues to grow. Next to its shop, Minit recently built a 6,000-square-feet, two-story building to run a Circle K franchise and gas station. For Minit, the sky is truly the limit! But at one time, Minit faced an impediment to growth: its shop management platform. That is where AutoLeap first entered the picture.

Why Choose AutoLeap?

Before AutoLeap, Minit used another software to manage its business. Irfan says the system, which felt antiquated, didn’t understand the shop’s pain points. Primarily an invoicing platform, it didn’t fulfill the shop’s needs for CRM, customer reviews, and inventory management.

Using the software, it would often take the shop 10-15 minutes to fill in manual requirements. An invoice could take over an hour to assemble for large engine jobs.

Irfan, Imran and the Minit team soon recognized they needed an upgrade. Making the switch to AutoLeap, their management experience has completely evolved. Specifically, AutoLeap enables Minit to:

  • Save significant time on manual tasks: With AutoLeap, Minit can automate time-consuming tasks. This way, the shop can focus more on engaging customers and developing those valuable relationships.
  • Keep in touch with customers: Using AutoLeap, Minit can now automate its service reminder. Customers receive these updates on three, six, and nine-month cadences.
  • Integrate with PartsTech: This seamless integration pulls PartsTech inventory orders directly into AutoLeap. With streamlined inventory management, Minit stays stocked up on the quality parts they need.

It's an all-in-one package. We’re able to do everything under one platform. With AutoLeap, the time saved has been a game changer.

Imran Daya
Service Manager at Minit Auto Tirecraft

Key Benefits

AutoLeap influences every aspect of Minit’s shop. Using AutoLeap, Minit was able to consolidate three customer management platforms down to one. The all-in-one software accounts for every nuance of the shop’s operations, from book-keeping to KPI reporting. “AutoLeap is the type of platform where if you get to use even 80% of what’s available, you’ll see massive improvements to your business,” says Irfan.

Since using AutoLeap, Minit has experienced:
  • 10% growth in parts margins
  • 45% increase in ARO
  • 100% decrease in no-show rate
  • 3X increase in new customers
  • 10X increase in Google Reviews
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