Refer Your Shop Network & Get Referral Rewards

When each of your referral signs up for AutoLeap, you will earn $1,000! Not just that, with every three referrals, you get a milestone giveaway. Sounds exciting?

How does the Partner Referral Program work?

Our Referral Reward

Once your referral becomes an activated paying AutoLeap customer, you’ll earn a $1,000 reward.

Milestone Giveaways

On top of your referral rewards, on every third successful referral sign up, you get a special milestone giveaway.

Terms & Conditions

    Refer AutoLeap

    Referral Information

    Still Have Questions?

    • Simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll take care of the rest.
    • A referral occurs when an AutoLeap partner connects our sales team with an auto repair business they feel could benefit from our software. Please note that you can’t refer a customer who is already using AutoLeap, or a business that is already in contact with our sales team.
    • If you know an auto repair business with at least one full-time office employee and could benefit from our software, we encourage you to refer them to us.
    • Once your referral signs up for AutoLeap and becomes an activated and paying customer, you are eligible to receive your $1,000 referral reward. An activated customer is a customer that has completed our onboarding process and is actively using our software. It typically takes 30-45 days from the date of sign up to become an activated customer.
    • We will pay the referral reward via Amazon Gift Card or Virtual Gift Card within 10 working days of your eligibility for the reward. For Canadian customers, the same referral reward amounts will be applicable in Canadian Dollars.
    • Please read the full terms and conditions for our Referral Partner Rewards Program here.
    • The effective term of this referral program starts from Jan 1, 2023, (the “Effective Date”) to December 31, 2024. Learn more about it here.