Raptor Pro Mechanics Looks to Improve Efficiency with AutoLeap

When I first saw AutoLeap, it was night and day compared to the system we had before — it was easy to use and included more functionality. The No. 1 advantage is having an easy-to-use platform that includes everything from booking to invoicing in one place.

Steve Funk

Owner of Raptor Pro Mechanics

Steve Funk started Raptor Pro Mechanics with the intention of delivering top-quality service and building relationships with his customers. Clearly, his customers appreciate these high standards, as his auto shop in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, continues to experience rapid growth.

He plans to expand his auto repair shop from two bays to four, and hire two more techs. With business growth on the horizon, he decided to implement AutoLeap auto repair shop management software as an all-in-one solution, to increase his shop’s efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

Steve discovered AutoLeap during an online conference and implemented it about a year ago.

“Our previous software worked but was outdated, hard to navigate, and didn’t have all the functionality we needed,” Steve says.

Key Benefits of Using AutoLeap

In the meantime, Steve says he’s already gained efficiency in several areas with AutoLeap, especially with the capability to organize jobs by day for each technician.

Raptor Pro Mechanics currently employs one admin and one apprentice tech, and once Steve hires additional techs, AutoLeap will help him better manage his growing team.

Steve says with AutoLeap, the shop will:

  • Improve organization so the team remains ready for each job.
  • Reduce time researching and ordering parts.
  • Streamline the estimate, approval, and invoice process.
  • Quickly fill open slots due to rescheduling or cancellations.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by providing proof of needed work.
  • Continue to increase Google ratings and reviews.

When it comes to time-savings, Steve anticipates reducing time to research and order parts by 90%, compared to manually entering in parts details, he says.

He appreciates AutoLeap’s visibility into scheduled jobs, so the team stays organized. This ensures parts arrive in a timely manner; otherwise, jobs get delayed or rescheduled. In the event of rescheduling, AutoLeap helps the shop fill open slots more quickly, Steve says.

“AutoLeap definitely makes it easier to see cancellations and reschedule appointments,” he says.

What Raptor Pro Mechanics’ Customers Love About AutoLeap

Raptor Pro Mechanics is located in a small town with many tourists who rely on reviews to select an auto repair shop in an unfamiliar area.

We didn’t have a listing before, but after implementing AutoLeap we’re now rated at the top of Google… and we’ve had many customers come in because of those reviews.

Owner of Raptor Pro Mechanics

AutoLeap’s transparency of information strengthens customer trust, especially for repeat customers.

“AutoLeap provides another layer of information that definitely helps customers feel more confident that what we’re doing is in their best interest,” Steve says.

He says AutoLeap’s digital vehicle inspections (DVIs) helps to increase upsells, but even more importantly, it increases customer satisfaction by showing proof of the needed work.

The shop also uses AutoLeap for customer appointment reminders, sending invoices, and scheduling pick-ups.

AutoLeap Makes Creating Estimates and Invoices Easier

With AutoLeap, Raptor Pro Mechanics simplified its estimate, customer approval, and invoice process.

It cuts down on the time it takes to explain estimates to customers, because it gives me an easy way to send all the information they need to understand what’s in the estimate — and why.

Owner of Raptor Pro Mechanics

By eliminating the manual process, AutoLeap helped Steve reduce the time needed to complete an estimate by half. The shop still receives customer approvals over the phone, but Steve looks forward to implementing AutoLeap’s digital signature functionality because it will “take a lot off his plate,” he says.

For the invoice process, AutoLeap essentially eliminated the time spent creating invoices and transferring into QuickBooks, which took Steve about 15 minutes per week and didn’t always work properly.

“With AutoLeap, I can get it done with the click of a button once the estimate is paid because it’s fully integrated with QuickBooks,” Steve says.

Raptor Pro Mechanics: Pre-AutoLeap vs. Post-AutoLeap

As Raptor Pro Mechanics grows, they plan to increase their operational efficiency while continuing to provide the superior service their customers expect.

AutoLeap already enhanced efficiency for Raptor Pro Mechanics, including:
  • Reduced time spent researching and ordering parts by 90%.
  • Reduced time spent creating estimates by 50%.
  • Almost eliminated time spent creating invoices and transferring into QuickBooks

While AutoLeap costs more than his previous software, Steve points out how AutoLeap offers excellent customer support.

“You couldn’t ask for a better group of people,” Steve says. “Their service is incredible.”