Communication Style Matters: Efficiently Communicate with each Individual Customers

Guest Speaker

Emily Chung

Owner, autoNiche

As Shop Owners, it’s your job to educate your customers, but have you ever stopped to think about your approach?
Have you ever been talked AT? It’s not pleasant, and let’s be honest, most of us would stop listening. How intentional are you about discerning how a client receives the information? What is the best way to efficiently communicate with each client based on how they like to receive information?
In this webinar, Emily Chung from AutoNiche will dive deep into why it’s important to code your customers and train your employees on how to do that. All based on the four styles of communication, you will walk away from this discussion ready to:
– Quickly code your clients based on the DISC to improve customer service – Communicate the same message in different styles – Present your communication consistently across your team for cross-functional efficiency
What is DISC? An acronym used to identify different behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Understanding these four factors and which form of communication your customer prefers is vital to excellent customer service. Emily will share how her shop successfully practices coding clients and how it has allowed them to function quickly and more efficiently.

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