AutoLeap's 2022 State of Auto Repair Industry Report
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Don’t Let Parts Ordering Slow Down Your Shop

Guest Speaker

Sara Fraser

Vice President Business Development & Client Services

Apple CarPlay for music on the go. Uber for when you’re late to catch a flight. DoorDash for when you don’t feel like cooking.

Think about all the powerful technology you adopt to simplify your life! So why should your shop management be any different?

Ditch the pen and paper for a complete digital transformation of your auto repair business. Use that extra time you spend browsing parts catalogs to focus on increasing shop revenue.

In this PartsTech webinar presented by AutoLeap, we will discuss:

  • The time and money you sacrifice with manual parts ordering

  • ROI you can expect with an automated part ordering system

  • The transformative impact of parts ordering integrations in shop management software

  • And much more!

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