AutoLeap Drives Revenue and Efficiency for Apex Automotive Solutions

Learn how Apex Automotive increased its revenue by 34% and doubled its Google Reviews in just one year of using AutoLeap shop management software.



Increase in revenue in just one year

New Customers


 Increase in the number of new customers

Google Reviews


 Increase in Google Reviews from 130 to 240

Increase is good, especially when it comes to customers and revenue. Those are exactly the results Jason Luu experienced after implementing AutoLeap at business, Apex Automotive Solutions.

After using AutoLeap auto repair shop management software for a little more than a year, his automotive shop in Markham, Ontario, gained an approximate 230% increase in new customers.

“The big driving force for our revenue growth is from new customers,” Jason says. “We used to get five to seven new clients per week, but now we are getting 11-18 per week.”

New customers mean more cars — and more revenue. After implementing AutoLeap, Apex Automotive Solutions’ year-over-year revenue growth increased by 34%.

Apex Automotive Solutions, which employs two administrative employees and two techs, remains constantly busy. AutoLeap helps streamline office work for Jason so he can spend more time with his customers.

“Because there is now less office work, I have more time to spend with customers — which builds relationships and trust,” Jason says.

Why Choose AutoLeap?

Before implementing AutoLeap, Apex Automotive Solutions used a generic shop management system that lacked functionality in several areas.

The business previously used an online calendar for scheduling and entered data manually—line by line.

“We decided to move to a dedicated shop management system that was geared towards, and prefabricated for, the automotive repair industry after experiencing a lot of inefficiencies with our prior system,” Jason says.

Key Benefits of Using AutoLeap

AutoLeap saves time for both office employees and techs by enabling them to perform their jobs more efficiently and with fewer errors.

Tech efficiency has drastically improved due to them no longer missing items on work orders — which was a huge issue before.

Jason Luu
Owner of Apex Automotive Solutions

Before AutoLeap, certain items might get manually added to the work order at the counter or after a job began, requiring the office admin to physically communicate the issue to the tech. As a result, techs frequently missed or forgot the work and jobs took longer to complete. It also negatively impacted customer experience and resulted in lost revenue if the customer decided not to proceed with the missed item.

AutoLeap’s real-time visibility reduced omitted items on work orders by 70%, and also improved efficiency between the office and techs, because all the information related to work orders remained in one place.

Jason says other key benefits of AutoLeap include:

  • Reduced office workload.
  • Time savings in researching and ordering parts.
  • Increased profitability due to accurate, real-time reporting.
  • Improved customer confidence with digital estimates.
  • Eliminated no-shows with automatic customer reminders.
  • Real-time customer feedback through integrated Google Reviews.
  • Superior AutoLeap customer service and support.

Apex Automotive Solutions saw significant time savings in researching and ordering parts. With the software’s parts integration functionality, the shop now spends 90% less time on parts ordering, saving about 5-10 minutes on each job.

“Ordering parts is a lot easier because we don’t have to call different suppliers anymore, nor track pricing options in writing before entering them into an estimate,” Jason explains.

While the shop previously watched margins to maintain their targeted 60% parts margin, it was difficult to track in a manual process. With AutoLeap, Apex Automotive Solutions increased its labor rate by 10% and its parts margins by 20-30%.

“AutoLeap has had a huge impact on our margins because of the real-time reporting,” Jason says.

What Apex Automotive Solutions Customers Love About AutoLeap

While Apex Automotive Solutions consistently averages 5-star Google reviews, the shop saw a 2x increase in the number of reviews, from 130 reviews in an 11-year period to 240 reviews the year after implementing AutoLeap.

“We’re now able to get real-time feedback from customers,” Jason says. “If the review meets our predetermined criteria, AutoLeap automatically pushes it to Google, which has been a big driving force behind our increase in business.”

Customers also appreciate automatic appointment reminders and the digital estimate approval process.

We’ve virtually eliminated no-shows. In addition to the text or email reminders, the fact that customers have to physically sign the estimate and confirm their appointment increases their engagement — without me having to call them.

Jason Luu
Owner of Apex Automotive Solutions

Apex Automotive Solutions previously experienced 5-10 customer no-shows each week, where the shop slotted a service bay for an entire day.

“AutoLeap helped eliminate no-shows while also increasing business,” Jason says. “We now always have work to do.”

AutoLeap Makes Creating Estimates and Invoices Easier

AutoLeap enables shops to easily create estimates, saving them time and simplifying the estimate approval process.

It previously took Apex Automotive Solutions an average of 10-15 minutes to create an estimate in QuickBooks Premier, compared to less than a minute with AutoLeap. The shop creates 10-15 estimates a day, which means the software saves them approximately 4 hours each day.

Another benefit? No more phone tag with customers. Previously, the shop called customers to explain the estimate, which could get confusing for a complicated job. Now, the shop sends electronic estimates and waits for notification of approval, which Jason says is a huge “wow” factor for customers.

AutoLeap helps build customer confidence because it provides virtually 100% transparency. More jobs are now approved with new clients because they can easily see the problem, which helps us quickly build trust.

Jason Luu
Owner of Apex Automotive Solutions

Apex Automotive Solutions: Pre-AutoLeap vs. Post-AutoLeap

Apex Automotive Solutions experienced enhanced efficiencies, improved performance, and significant growth in several areas after implementing AutoLeap.

When it comes to AutoLeap’s affordability and customer service, Jason honestly admits he was against subscription software, but changed his mind when he saw AutoLeap’s monthly fee included customer support.

I wouldn’t even call the cost [of AutoLeap] an investment, because it’s so cheap. I spend the same amount buying coffee for my team every month… We’re not just getting software, we’re basically getting another employee because they go above and beyond with their service and support.

Jason Luu
Owner of Apex Automotive Solutions