Automotive Direct Mail Marketing for Auto Repair Shops

When it comes to the auto repair industry, staying ahead of the competition is how you survive! And one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies an auto repair shop can try is automotive direct mail marketing.

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What is automotive direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing refers to a physical correspondence with current customers (and potential customers) that you mail directly to them. For auto repair shops, this could include:

  • Brake repair specials 
  • Engine repair deals 
  • Routine maintenance offers
  • Special shop events
  • Local area targeting

Not only does it increase brand recall, but direct mail marketing also helps increase repair orders for auto repair shops!

The personal touch effect

One thing auto repair shop owners know all too well is how fast this industry is growing. With new competitors popping up all around, it’s all the more important to stay TOM (top of mind) for ideal customers. Yes, the world is going digital and yes, the internet bridged a huge gap between shop owners and customers.

But there’s one thing we can’t deny. And that is the importance of the personal touch. Automotive direct mail advertising helps you achieve just that!

Types of automotive direct mail marketing

When choosing automotive direct mail marketing for your auto repair shop, you can go one of two routes:

1. Saturation mailing

Simply put, saturation mailing is the most cost-effective option, as it targets the most people in your designated area. Each household receives your direct mail, leading to higher chances of drawing in potential customers. This strategy works best for general brand awareness and promotions.

2. Targeted mailing

As the name suggests, this strategy is more effective when you have a specific demographic you want to target. Similar to selecting interests when setting up Google Ads for your auto repair shop, targeted mailing is directed towards potential customers with time-sensitive offers or retargeting customers with periodic reminders. 

One example of a time-sensitive offer is tire service specials for the winter season.

Benefits of automotive direct mail marketing

Apart from providing a personal touch, there are many benefits to automotive direct mail marketing:

1. Interactive experience

As direct mail requires specific action from the recipient (opening up the mail and seeing what it is), the experience can lead to more recall. If your marketing materials include a powerful call to action, these campaigns can resonate.

2. Target many demographics

There are many people out there, especially the older generation, that rely more on physical mail than emails. Automotive direct mail marketing allows you to reach target audiences that even digital campaigns can sometimes miss.

3. Less competition

Due to the rise in digital marketing, many auto repair shops avoid automotive direct mail marketing altogether. That void leaves more room for you to capitalize!

Things to keep in mind

Before starting an automotive direct mail marketing campaign, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can make the most of your time and money.

1. Choose the right format

Deciding on the right format is imperative when it comes to designing your mailer. Get your message across in the most efficient and user-friendly way to achieve the best results!

Some popular formats are:

  • Postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Plastic gift cards
  • Envelopes

2. Add a catchy CTA (call to action)

You want your mailer to reach people, and we don’t mean just physically. Your CTA has to provide an actionable step for the receivers, like picking up the phone or visiting your auto repair shop! Added promotions or discounts are a great way to peak interest.

3. Include all essential information

Your direct mailer should be easy to read and include relevant contact info customers need to reach you. Once you’ve captured their attention with your offer, getting in touch with your auto repair shop should be a piece of cake! 

4. Creating a digital component

This is where your auto repair shop can jump way ahead of the competition! Measuring the success of these campaigns will help you make necessary adjustments.

Perhaps you include a QR code with trackable links on the postcard you send. Get creative with this process!

Wrapping up

As a shop owner looking to grow your daily RO count, automotive direct mailing could be the answer! We hope these tips help you make the most of your automotive direct mail marketing campaigns.

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