What is the NAICS Code for Auto Repair?

Is your shop in search of its NAICS code for auto repair? You came to the right place for answers! 

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We will break down some potential NAICS codes to use for automotive repair. But first, let’s explore the basic definition and potential benefits for your business. 

What is an NAICS code?

Census.gov defines a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) as a classification of your business. Federal agencies collect this designation code from your shop for reporting on the US economy. 

Why does my shop need a NAICS code?

Your auto repair shop can benefit from choosing a NAICS code.

Of course, it all depends on the specifics of your business and how the government classifies your shop. But you could receive tax incentives, insurance benefits, or government-related contracts.

Which NAICS code should I use for auto repair?

Your NAICS code for auto repair will vary based on the shop’s specializations and services. 

But one popular NAICS code for auto repair is 811198. Here is an established definition for this code, courtesy of SICCODE.com:

Look up specific industry examples for individual NAICS codes. Code 811198 has several shop designations listed. Here are some examples:

Practice due diligence and confirm your NAICS code before officially filing. It may differ from the example above based on the unique nature of your shop. 

To explore your options, use this resource here

Closing thoughts

We hope you found this breakdown of NAICS codes for auto repair helpful! This classification matters for your shop. It even comes with benefits in the right circumstances. 

People Also Ask

NAICS code 811198 is a popular option for many auto repair businesses. But the code may not apply depending on the specifics of your shop. 

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