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How to Prepare Your Shop for the Winter Season

There’s a chill in the air lately. And we all know what that means: the holiday season is upon us! Is your auto repair shop prepared to thrive with its plan for winter car maintenance? 

It’s time to strategize around this time of year and increase the winter business in your shop!

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Navigating the holiday season in your shop

We know what you’re thinking: holidays distract many customers from their vehicles. But holiday plans also require plenty of travel. And those increased travel demands call for winter car repairs and maintenance! 

Keep an eye on your customers’ upcoming vehicle requirements. This can help you actively promote crucial winterization services. You can track your customers’ needs using AutoLeap. It not only builds customer trust but helps your business grow! So why not make the winter season work for you? 

Why customers value winter service

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the winter season. Some customers like for their vehicles to be weather-proof. They will schedule shop visits proactively. 

Conversely, some customers are too busy with holiday preparations to remember winter car repairs and maintenance. Thankfully, you can remind them of these requirements. More on that later! 

Regardless of the customer, your shop’s services will remain in high demand due to: 

  1. Travel plans: The holidays bring unavoidable travel plans. This calls for vehicle prep to journey in the cold weather.

  2. Harsh weather conditions: Snow-covered icy roads can prove hazardous. Your customers will want to prepare their vehicles for extreme winter conditions.

  3. Preventive maintenance: Many customers will value preventative maintenance greatly, especially in the colder months.

  4. Discounts and promotions: Holidays are all about finding the best deals. And this spirit can apply to winterization services in your auto repair shop!

How your shop can benefit from providing quality winter service

Engaging with your customers and staying relevant during the winter is crucial. This keeps your auto repair shop operations running smoothly regardless of the season. 

Sharing winter car maintenance tips can help your business. You can become more memorable for customers and earn their long-term trust! Some other benefits of offering winterization services for your auto repair shop include:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate businesses that go the extra mile to ensure their well-being. This gratitude will especially resonate during months with challenging weather conditions.

  2. Win repeat business: How can you ensure repeat business? By making sure your customers have a positive experience with winterization service visits. That way, they are more likely to return to your shop for future maintenance and repair needs.


  1. Grow revenue: Everything adds up, including minor winterization services like topping off fluids and inspecting a battery. That all equates to bottom-line revenue for your business.


  1. Maintain business stability: Providing winter-specific services can help you maintain a steady flow of customers. That built-in, year-round stability matters for the long-term outlook of your business. 

A customer checklist for winter car maintenance

Some winterization services are more crucial than others. But it’s good to educate your customers on them all. Not only does it help your auto repair shop become memorable, but you can establish yourself as a partner! 

Here’s a winter car maintenance checklist that your auto repair shop can promote to customers:

  • Check the battery: Test your battery to ensure it has a proper charge. Visit our shop if you notice any corrosion on the battery terminals.

  • Inspect the tires: Check tread depth and consider switching to winter tires for improved traction. Ensure your tires have proper inflation.

  • Top-off fluids: Check and top off essential fluids. These include oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid.

  • Test the heating system: Make sure your heating system works. Our shop will review the heater core, thermostat, and blower motor for you to ensure efficient operation.

  • Check the defrost settings: Verify that the front and rear defrosters work to maintain visibility.

  • Inspect the brakes: Check your brake pads, rotors, and fluid levels at our shop for optimal braking performance.

  • Evaluate the lights: Inspect all exterior lights, including headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and fog lights. Replace any burnt-out bulbs.

  • Examine the exhaust system: Inspect your exhaust system for leaks, as snow and ice can accumulate and lead to corrosion.

  • Check the antifreeze/coolant: Ensure the antifreeze/coolant mixture is appropriate for winter temperatures to prevent freezing.

  • Battery charger/booster pack: Invest in a battery charger or booster pack for emergencies if the battery drains.

  • Emergency kit: Carry an emergency kit in your vehicle. The kit should contain a blanket, flashlight, and extra batteries. It should also have first aid supplies.

  • Inspect the fuel system: Check for any issues, including fuel line leaks or clogs, to ensure proper engine performance.

  • Test the ignition system: Inspect the ignition system, including spark plugs and wires, to ensure reliable starts in cold weather.


  • Verify the alignment: Check your vehicle’s alignment to prevent uneven tread wear. This maintenance will help maintain stability on slippery roads.

How to market your shop in the winter

9 seasonal tips to market your shop

Now that we know which winterization services to offer, let’s discuss the best ways to market them!

1. Update your website

Having an up-to-date website can play a massive role in monetizing seasonal trends. Customers visiting your website should feel hooked on your winterization offers. 

Remember to invest in mobile-friendly marketing to reach your target audiences. Here are a few ways you can use your website to market winter car maintenance services:

  • Content marketing: Create blog posts, articles, or video content that educates your audience. Focus this content on practical tips and the significance of winter car maintenance. 

  • Local SEO Optimization: Optimize your website and online presence for local search engine optimization (SEO). Ensure that your shop appears in local search results. You can do this with a targeted Google Ads strategy.

  • Create Seasonal Landing Pages: Design dedicated landing pages on your website highlighting your winterization services. Optimize these pages for relevant keywords. Include clear calls to action to schedule appointments.
2. Use social platforms

Social media is the quickest and most engaging way to reach new audiences. Each social platform has a niche, so ensure your content reflects it. Here are some ways you can use social media to promote winter car maintenance offers:

  • Create winter-specific promotions: Develop special promotions or discounts for winterization services. This can include package deals, percentage discounts, or bundled services to incentivize your customers.

  • Push customer referral program: Implement a customer referral program for winterization services. Offer incentives to existing customers who refer new clients for winter maintenance.

  • Share customer testimonials: Positive reviews and real-life stories can build trust. These testimonials will also encourage others to choose your shop for winter services.

  • Curate engaging content: Social media is about capturing the audience’s attention as quickly as possible. Make sure your content is snappy and engaging while also informative.
3. Invest in email marketing

Send targeted email campaigns to your customer base. Highlight the importance of winterization maintenance and repair. Promote your helpful services. This is a great way to stay fresh in the minds of your customers.  

  • Focus on direct mail: Send out direct mail campaigns to targeted prospects or your existing customer base. Include eye-catching visuals and compelling offers to encourage recipients to schedule winterization services.

  • Send periodic service reminders: Email marketing is a great way to send reminders to your customers when specific services are due. Use that knowledge to your advantage. Share tips and reminders on winter car maintenance before the holidays. This way, customers can book appointments well in advance.
4. Offer free winterization workshops

Host free workshops or webinars. Educate your customer base about the importance of proactive winter maintenance and repair. Use these events to showcase your expertise and promote relevant services!

5. Build a seasonal brand presence

Your auto repair shop is your biggest asset; leverage it! Consider these creative ways to build your brand presence during the winter months. 

  • Collaborate with local businesses: Partner with local businesses, such as tire shops, insurance agencies, or gas stations. This way, you can cross-promote each other’s winterization services. Consider these joint promotions or referrals to increase your customer and prospect reach.

  • Hang up in-store signage: Capitalize on the existing foot traffic in your shop. Use in-store signage to highlight other winterization services that a business visitor may be interested in.
6. Offer gift certificates

Invest in gift certificates and discount cards. Offer these to people who visit your auto repair shop. This way, you can benefit from potential referral business.

Monitor the effectiveness of these marketing efforts through campaign tracking. Get feedback from customers on what they liked and didn’t like. Adjust your strategy based on what works best for your target audience. 

Retaining customers through active winter engagement

Focus on your customers’ needs to thrive during the winter season. You’re heading for failure if you’re not creating long-term connections with them. 

In marketing, connecting with the consumer is a three-phase process:

  1. Awareness: Potential customers should be well aware of your auto repair shop’s winterization services. Once you advertise the information effectively, you can move into the next phase.

  2. Consideration: Now that you have their attention, it’s time for the hook! Engage your customers with quality offers for relevant services.

  3. Conversion: Do you know the difference between potential and actual customers? It’s your team’s exceptional customer service and transparent customer communication!

    AutoLeap can help here. Our software enables you to chat with your customers in real time using built-in chat functionality

Wrapping up

Implement these proven strategies to ensure your auto repair shop thrives this winter. Market your shop effectively, win new business and deliver the quality winter car maintenance your customers deserve around holiday time!

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