Auto Mechanic Job Description Template

As a shop owner, you recognize that your team means everything. Hiring the right mechanics for your business can mean the difference between success and failure. 

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But how can you discover the right fit? A detailed job description is a great place to start! Work with our easy-to-use auto mechanics job description template for this process. 

Before we get to the template itself, let’s cover each section and details to include. We’ll start with basic requirements! 

What an auto mechanic job description should include

At the core of it, an auto mechanic job posting should follow this format: 

  1. Engaging company introduction

  2. Clear duties and expectations 

  3. Specific skills and requirements 

  4. Work hours and benefits you offer

  5. A clear call to action for next steps

Auto mechanic job description template

Introduction and brief

This is the hook, so make it good! Help your company stand out from competing shops by highlighting your mantra. What makes your shop different? 

Share a small, catchy brief of what you’re looking for. 

(Sample: We are a dynamic and dedicated auto repair business looking to expand our workforce with skilled auto mechanics willing to go the extra mile!)

Duties and responsibilities

You will have general expectations for your auto mechanics. But specific requirements matter too! 

Use as much detail as possible in this section. A mechanic should get a good feel for what their day-to-day experience at your shop will look like. 

Here are examples of job responsibilities you can include: 

  • Conduct diagnostics testing 

  • Work on mechanical & electrical repairs 

  • Repair various makes and models 

  • Repair the following components:

    • Engines 
    • Transmissions 
    • Brakes
    • Suspensions 

  • Complete routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, etc.)

Skills and requirements

This is where you outline the qualifications they need to work at your shop.

Again, get specific! You want to attract certified mechanics with the skills to thrive in your service bays. 

Do you require your mechanics to have certifications for Automotive Service Excellence? Include that detail here! Should they have specialized skills for repairs on full-size pickup trucks? Mention that requirement in this section! 

A detailed section will help you narrow down your pool of possible candidates. Generic statements like “strong attention-to-detail” won’t help you filter out less qualified applicants. 

Work hours and benefits

This section offers an opportunity to differentiate yourself from other shops! It’s also one of the first areas a qualified mechanic will scroll to. 

Include the work hour expectations in this area. But go above and beyond for the benefit descriptions you include! Discuss the benefits, health insurance, and PTO you offer. Mention the stand-out amenities that you provide your repair team. 

Are you lacking in the benefits department at the moment? This job description exercise is also helpful in determining whether your benefit offerings need more attention. 

Educational requirement

Although an auto mechanic only needs a high school diploma or a GED to qualify, having extra certifications and training can only help! 

It’s a good hook if your company compensates for such certifications. Incentivize with your job description if applicable here. 

Call to action

Now is when you bring it home! Give your applicants a clear call to action so they know where and when to apply. 

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Closing thoughts

And there you have it! A concise and clear job description template to hire skilled mechanics for your auto repair business. 

We hope this information helps your shop grow its team. 

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