Auto Repair Invoice Template For your Shop

Running an auto repair shop involves managing customer relationships on a daily basis. Billing is a big part of that experience, and that’s where auto repair invoices come into play. 

With shop management software, you can create professional auto repair invoices in a matter of minutes! But other resources, including our downloadable, free, and printable auto repair invoice template, exist to make life easier for this process!

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But first, what should you look out for when generating an auto repair invoice for your clients? Let’s find out!

What should you include in an auto repair invoice?

Although every invoice is customized per customer, there is certain standard information that every auto repair invoice should include, such as:

In addition to keeping an itemized list and a brief description of all the services and parts used in the repair work, make sure to include an invoice number. These specifics will enable you to provide a clear estimate of the overall cost of the services so that clients are aware of exactly what they are paying for.

Here is a sample of an auto repair invoice for your shop. 

What to include in the terms & conditions section

You also should include a terms & conditions section in your auto repair invoice. 

Here is what your T&C section should cover: 

  • When the payment is due by 
  • What the invoice number on your check is 
  • Who the check is payable to (your company name) 
  • Where to mail your check (include company address)

Provide a thank you at the end! Even on an invoice, you want to express gratitude for your customers’ business. 

Closing thoughts

Whether you’re running a small shop or a multi-store operation, auto repair invoices will always be a requirement. We hope our free auto repair invoice template comes in handy for your business!

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