eBook Excerpts Part 1: Prepare your Shop for Emerging Vehicle Technology

Electric vehicles (EVs) and ADAS. As a shop owner, you hear them brought up all the time. Nearly all modern cars come with factory-equipped ADAS. And from 2020 to 2021, EV sales in the United States grew by 85%. 

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Emerging vehicle technology is here. But is your shop prepared? Only one in three shops from AutoLeap’s 2022 benchmark survey currently come equipped to work on EVs and ADAS. 

There are available resources to get you prepared. Our latest eBook covers how to:

  • Secure the right tools and training for your technicians
  • Adapt your business strategy to next-generation vehicles
  • Tap into (and profit from) this emerging market

What equipment your shop needs to work on ADAs & EVs

Your auto repair shop needs specialized equipment to work on ADAS-equipped vehicles and EVs. 

An ADAS-equipped vehicle may need sensor calibration for a system issue. Aligning the sensors for complex technology like blind-spot monitoring is a delicate process. Standard shop equipment won’t get the job done. You will need an ADAS calibrator to complete this process with precision.

EVs have their own equipment requirements. The tools you will need include: 

With EVs & ADAS, equipment is just a start. Your shop will also need specialized training to serve these profitable markets. 

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How to train for emerging vehicle technology

Auto repair conferences and training seminars are a great place to learn about emerging vehicle technology. 

Look for educational opportunities that cover how to: 

  • Work with scanning tools and safety equipment 


  • Operate high-voltage charging systems 


  • Define EV electrical concepts (like the differences between AC and DC currents)

Pursue as many EV & ADAS training opportunities as you can find! These insights can help you build up your knowledge base. 

Effective strategies to capitalize on EVS & ADAS

To capitalize on emerging vehicle technology, your shop needs strategies in place. 

Here are some suggestions: 

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Discover more emerging tech insights for your shop

These tips will help your shop capitalize on the upside of EVs & ADAS. For more detailed insights on this topic, download our ebook here

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