Ask the Experts (Part 3): Shop Owners’ Labor Issues & Strategies

How many auto repair shops deal with technician shortages? And what can they do to address the problem?  

AutoLeap’s 2022 State of the Auto Repair Industry Report reveals the answers to these questions and much more!

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AutoLeap ran an independent survey of nearly 300 shop owners and managers in the United States and Canada. Beyond staffing shortages, this survey covered many relevant industry topics. Examples include:

Let’s dig into the data on staffing shortages and talk to some experts about this issue.

What shop owners identify as their biggest issue

The data makes one thing clear: staffing shortages remain a big problem. In AutoLeap’s benchmark survey, 60% of respondents identified staffing as their most pressing issue.

The gap between staffing shortages and the next data point was significant, with just 29% of respondents listing supply chain as their top problem.

Lack of qualified technicians: the top industry threat

It’s clear that many auto repair shops are struggling to fill out their teams. But what roles are they having a hard time hiring for? 

AutoLeap’s survey data clarifies this point: 74% of respondents said they are concerned about a lack of qualified technicians in the auto repair industry.

We understand that many shops are facing labor shortages, specifically for qualified technicians. But what can they do about it? 

Here are some recommendations.

How shops can address the technician shortage

To attract qualified technicians, shops will need to evolve on multiple fronts.

Here are three recommendations to improve the auto repair industry’s labor situation:

What the experts say

Three experts reacted to the labor shortage data in this report. They also provided suggestions on how shops can address the issue.

  • On the wake up call needed in auto repair shops: “We have to make the technician role cool and make it pay, or the industry is in trouble.” – Cecil Bullard, CEO at The Institute for Business Excellence
  • On shop strategies to attract qualified talent: “You have to understand what people expect from you when they come to work for your auto repair shop and then make sure you deliver it. You need to ask ‘What am I doing to make my shop the employer of choice?” – Bill Haas, President at Haas Performance Consulting 
  • On teaching the next generation about shops:  “I think we wait too long to get kids involved in auto repair.” – Rick White, Managing Partner at One Eighty Business Solutions, LLC

Explore more shop survey data

Ready to dive into other industry survey topics and see what we found? Download AutoLeap’s 2022 benchmark report here

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