Manually Ordering Parts Made Easy With AutoLeap

Running an auto repair shop requires you to balance multiple repair orders at one time, all while keeping track of your inventory and order lists.  

But do you really want to spend your time going through endless paperwork when you could focus more on what you love? That’s where AutoLeap comes in!

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AutoLeap’s Manual Parts Ordering feature allows you to easily track the requirements for each order while keeping you updated on your current inventory. This way, your business can run like a well oiled machine, pun intended!

How it works

Imagine opening a repair order on the AutoLeap dashboard and seeing exactly which parts you need to complete your order and if you have any of them already in stock. Now what if we told you that AutoLeap’s manual parts ordering feature does just that? That’s right!

Currently, there are three applications to this feature:

  1. Creating manual orders on an RO
  2. Creating manual orders from inventory items
  3. Adding already ordered items to inventory or returning them

Let’s explore these applications in detail. 

Getting started

Before you dive into learning how to use this feature, make sure you’re all set up on AutoLeap. If you haven’t signed up with AutoLeap yet, schedule a demo to learn more!

Create manual orders on an RO

Navigate to the Parts ordering tab to access order items, which are divided into Inventory and Catalog parts. The software will automatically indicate the parts and their quantity that is needed to complete the order. 

Simply select the products/parts, choose the supplier, add the prompted quantity to place your order and there you have it, you’ve created a manual order on an RO. The system will automatically check it off the list of what you need once you click save. 

Create manual orders from inventory items

There will be orders that require parts that you don’t currently have in stock. Instead of rifling through paperwork or going through your warehouse, you can easily see if you have the parts in your inventory and if not, you can order them directly! AutoLeap will even prompt you to confirm that you are ordering the quantity you actually need to complete the order. 

Add ordered items to inventory or return them

Once your order has been delivered to you, it can be added to inventory or, if you aren’t satisfied, you can return the order to the supplier. And you can do that with just a few clicks! 

Click the order you want to add and select Add to inventory, select the location and the quantity of the parts/products and that’s it!

To return an order, just select Return to supplier, choose the quantity and click save. It’s that easy!

Closing thoughts

Ready to save yourself the hassle of going through endless paperwork and streamline your shop? Now you can! 

Keep track of your orders and inventory with AutoLeap’s Manual Parts Ordering feature and run your business more efficiently.

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