Access Motor Repair Guides with AutoLeap

There’s an endless number of vehicles out there and you never know which one might come through your doors tomorrow. Having repair guides for each of them causes shop owners to have stacks of books piled up, that sometimes may never even get used! 

Luckily, AutoLeap makes it easy for you to access any vehicle’s repair guide with Motor!

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Syncing with Motor

AutoLeap’s seamless integration with Motor goes beyond helping you easily input services. When creating a customer profile, Motor uses their VIN, Year/Make/Model or license plate to automatically sync any data it has with your shop! 

Once a car has been successfully added to a profile and is linked with Motor, it will have a small green icon next to it.

If you can see the icon, then you’re all set to start finding repair guides that Motor recommends for the vehicle!

Accessing repair guides

Once your vehicle is linked with Motor, you can start accessing any repair guide through the repair order with these easy steps:

  • Click on Browse and navigate to the Motor services tab
  • Click on the page icon next to any service to access the repair guide for it
  • The system will pull repair guides from Motor which includes Components & Diagrams, Specs, Procedures, Wiring and Bulletins
  • Simply add the service to the estimate and you’ll also be able to access the repair guide

And there you have it! In a few easy clicks, you’re able to access any vehicle’s repair guide for the required service through Motor. 

Plus, it gets better! Your technicians will also be able to view these repair guides when they access their assigned services. 

Closing thoughts

You can now easily save time by instantly finding digital repair guides without having to worry about your old books piling up!

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