Order Only What You Need With AutoLeap’s Partial Ordering

Ordering parts in bulk is a standard procedure for many auto repair shops, but there are times when you might need to only order a few items from your cart. 

Perhaps you want to defer certain services to a later date. Usually, you may have waited to place the order or just made a separate cart. In doing so, you could forget to order the part and that could cause further delays. 

This is where AutoLeap’s partial ordering feature can help you out!

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Partial ordering

When you order parts online in AutoLeap, you can add any items you need to your cart. 

If you want to order some parts instead of ordering the whole cart, simply click on the checkbox next to the item and proceed with your order. 

Anything you haven’t ordered will stay in your cart. You can order these items later at any time you see fit.

How your shop benefits from this feature

It’s no secret that the auto repair industry has to work around a parts shortage. Acquiring a needed part within a set timeframe is never assured. It’s possible that you might want to defer a certain part to order at a later date. This could be a problem when the specific part is needed again.

Picture a scenario where you’re making an order for certain parts in PartsTech. You’ve found a lot of parts that you will need for the day but there is a water pump that you don’t need right now. You can still add the product to your cart and defer it so that you don’t forget about it at a later date. 

It’s best to take a proactive approach to avoid such scenarios—and that’s what a partial ordering feature will help you accomplish.

Closing thoughts

It’s always good to stock up on parts when they’re available instead of waiting for your whole cart to fill. Partial ordering can help you stay on top of your orders and provide excellent customer service. 

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