CarTronics Auto Repair Gears Up with AutoLeap to Grow 500% in One Year

Learn how CarTronics increased its revenue by 500% and tripled its Google Reviews in just one year.

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Increase in revenue in one year

Google Reviews

Tripled Google Reviews in less than one year

No-show Rate

Decreased no-show rate from 50% to 10%

Syed Kazmi opened his auto repair shop, CarTronics Auto Repair, in January 2020 in a bustling shopping area in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Just a little over a month later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the country shut down.

Despite the unknowns, Kazmi kept a cool head and petitioned city leaders to deem his auto repair shop as an essential business. “We were the only ones in town open,” says Kazmi, which ultimately led to an influx of new customers needing auto service, as well as securing key fleet accounts with Amazon, AESA.

As CarTronics grew from small auto repairs to large fleet accounts, Kazmi discovered his previous auto shop software just couldn’t keep up. It integrated “horribly” with QuickBooks, slowed down his invoicing process, muddled his maintenance records, and completely failed when it came to offering software support.

A year ago, Kazmi discovered the all-in-one functionality of AutoLeap software, which he now uses to run his auto shop more efficiently, and more profitably.

“In one year of using AutoLeap, my revenue literally grew by 500 percent,” Kazmi says. “AutoLeap is an integral part of my company.”

Why Choose AutoLeap?

Kazmi says the old software just bogged him down. When customers called to inquire about previous repairs and maintenance, he had no way of tracking history. When he tried to issue quick estimates to secure more jobs, the process took hours instead of minutes.

Ultimately, he just got fed up with the lack of back-end customer support.

“We couldn’t ramp up our business,” Kazmi says. “They just never responded in a timely manner. The only way to communicate with them was to send them an email and wait for a response.”

He searched online for a more functional auto shop software provider, and immediately found AutoLeap.

I’m truly lucky to have found AutoLeap. Once I saw their software, how smooth and intuitive it was, I realized I need this now, so I can grow immediately.

Syed Kazmi
CarTronics Auto Repair

Key Benefits of Using AutoLeap

When choosing a software provider, Kazmi considers one important question: “Is this going to generate more profit for me?” Hands down, he says, AutoLeap delivered on that promise.

Key features for CarTronics include:

  • Ease-of-use, and the ability to access from any computer.
  • One dashboard to navigate for scheduling, repairs, estimates, invoices, parts, and more.
  • Automatically send texts or emails to customers with photos of needed repairs, including brief descriptions and pricing.
  • Automatically send reminders for unpaid invoices by email or text.
  • Customize estimates and invoices for large fleet accounts.
  • Parts-ordering integration with no need to visit multiple websites.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • “AutoLeap has it all!”

My No. 1 feature is the fact that I am able to create an invoice within two minutes, and it can be as detailed as I want to make it. It made the efficiency just increase a hundredfold, which then increased my income.

Syed Kazmi
CarTronics Auto Repair

What CarTronics Customers Love About AutoLeap

Customers love receiving their digital vehicle inspection (DVI) by text or email with photos that clearly show the specific repairs needed on their vehicles.

“Photographs are very powerful marketing tools,” Kazmi says. “Once you take pictures of that damaged component or that nasty oil leak… attach it to their written estimate and send it off to them digitally, they see those pictures on their phone. The pictures themselves make the sale. I don’t have to explain any further.”

Customers also love:

Text and email reminders for appointments, alerts about repairs, and when to pick up.

Text or email with a direct link to pay invoices online.

Text or email with a link to leave immediate positive Google review.

AutoLeap Makes Creating Estimates and Invoices Easier

As more fleet accounts rolled in, Kazmi says AutoLeap helped him increase his shop’s efficiency, which ultimately led to even more fleet-level jobs.

Before, I could only handle 10 trucks a month. Now I can handle 80 to 90 trucks a month. I was able to service my customers, get the invoice sent to their AP departments, and get paid in a timely manner. They were like, ‘Wow, how efficient! This guy can get an estimate, get it approved, and get it repaired within a matter of one day.’

Syed Kazmi
CarTronics Auto Repair

AutoLeap Helps CarTronics Triple its Google Reviews

Before AutoLeap, CarTronics had 20 reviews and a 3-star rating. After one year on AutoLeap, CarTronics tripled its Google reviews to 62 and improved its ranking to 4.2 stars.

By including a direct link to leave a Google review in the automated invoice sent to the customer, Kazmi says AutoLeap makes it much easier for his customers to leave a review.

CarTronics: Pre-AutoLeap vs. Post-AutoLeap

Kazmi says CarTronics has achieved significant growth and improvement in its results ever since being on AutoLeap:

  • Before AutoLeap, CarTronics could only handle 10 trucks a month. Now the shop services 80 to 90 trucks a month.
  • CarTronics only had 20 Google reviews prior to AutoLeap. They tripled their review count in just one year of being on the software.
  • CarTronics’ no-show rate decreased from 50% to 10%, largely due to quicker turnaround time on estimates.

“If you decide to go with AutoLeap, you’ll be making the best move for your business,” Kazmi says.