How to Use Video in Your Auto Repair Shop Marketing

Video content is essential to digital marketing. When done right, videos can help your auto repair shop’s organic rankings skyrocket on Google.

In today’s tech-savvy world, you can create a high-resolution video using the smartphone in your pocket. Regardless of how your auto repair shop chooses to produce videos, it’s important to develop a thoughtful strategy for creating and promoting marketing videos.

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But before focusing on the strategy itself, we need to answer the question: why is video marketing important for auto repair shops?

Why should my auto repair shop care about video marketing?

It’s simple: online customers prefer video content. But don’t just take our word for it.

Consider these video marketing statistics, courtesy of Biteable

  • Return on investment: Videos outperform social banners and company photos, as 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.
  • Brand awareness: Videos are an essential component for building up your brand’s visibility in the marketplace. 53% of marketers. say that video helps them raise awareness.
  • Customer trust: Videos help you establish a trustworthy reputation that attracts new business. 52% of marketers say that video helps them build trust with potential customers.

These advantages make it clear that quality marketing videos need to be a top priority for your auto repair business.

To achieve these goals, you will need to devote extra resources and attention towards video production.  Let’s explore how to create engaging video content.

Tips for producing auto repair marketing videos

Here are five tips to help you create stand out marketing videos for your auto repair shop.

Tip 1: Make your videos interesting

Take your average customer. They want to protect their investment with top-notch vehicle maintenance. But understanding the technical aspects of auto repairs and service? That is not a priority for them.

With this knowledge, do you think they would find a technical diagnostics video engaging?

Keep this question of “will they really care?” front of mind as you build out your auto repair marketing strategy for videos. Here are some ways to make your videos more intriguing for customers:

  • Educate but entertain: Cover the relevant “how to” topics that customers value but with some added flair. Use your shop’s most outgoing characters to spice up video content. But don’t get too carried away, and remember to include all the educational details that matter.

  • Avoid technical jargon: Consider the audience. Most people viewing your video marketing content don’t use terms like “diagnostics” and “DVIs” or even know what those refer to. Within the videos, use a conversational tone and simple language that prospective customers understand and won’t find boring. 

  • Make relatable content: We touched on this briefly above, but keep your content relevant to what the customer cares about. Highlight the amount of time your technicians take to repair a vehicle, but tie in how their efficiency benefits the customer. How will the hours saved help make their busy work-week more manageable? Will they be able to pick up their kids from school on time?

  • Highlight your experience: When it comes to promoting the expertise of your technicians, you need to show rather than tell. Customers will find your generic “I’m an expert” claim dubious in auto repair marketing videos. But if you share the number of years your team has worked in the industry, along with the specific certifications they hold, you can build trust and comfort with your customers.

Tip 2: Keep experimenting

Trying to figure out what your potential customers will respond to is an art in itself. That is where A/B testing comes into play.

What is A/B testing? The common user experience research methodology:

  • Measures prospective engagement by sharing two or more page options with potential customers.
  • Determines which page generates more visits, higher session duration time, greater click-through rates, and other relevant KPIs.
  • Enables you to test and refine every element of your marketing video, from the length to title, font size, and even the voiceover tone.

Tip 3: Distinguish your video strategy from competitors

Competing auto repair shops in your local area will have their own marketing strategies. And those strategies will likely involve producing video content.

How will you set yourself apart? Before focusing on video production, you need to:

  • Study their content: To beat your competition, you need to understand them first. Take the time to watch all the existing marketing videos that competing auto shops have posted online. Identify strengths, pinpoint weaknesses, and jot down detailed notes on your takeaways. 

  • Find your own voice: Do your competitors follow predictable scripts with their marketing videos? If this is your impression, it’s time to shake things up for your own approach. Take your competitors’ framework and do the complete opposite. Inject comedy into your content. Get creative in how you structure your video library.

  • Call out what makes you unique: Do you provide unique services that your competitors don’t offer? Is there a current oil change or tire rotation special running that competing repair shops can’t match? Call out these differences directly in your video content. Focus on the unique value propositions that give shop owners and their businesses an edge. Speak to these differentiators in every video.

Tip 4: Share customer testimonials

Think about your online shopping experience. What type of confirmation do you seek out to decide a product or service is worthy of your hard earned money?

The easy answer is reviews, and your auto repair shop’s customer experiences should make up the foundation of your video marketing strategy.

If an outgoing customer shares kind words with you following their service appointment, ask if they are willing to share those thoughts on camera.

For customers that say yes, establish an appropriate setting in your shop to conduct the interview. With your interview guide, you should include questions like:

Tip 5: Use “B-Roll” footage

Let’s face it. Static videos are boring.

We all appreciate action in video content. When building out your auto repair video library, you need to keep that user preference in mind.

NFI defines “B-Roll” as “secondary footage that visually supports the primary footage in a film or video project”. This footage complements “A-Roll” footage, which is the primary focus of your video.

So why is “B-Roll” important? It helps move the story along, injects some excitement into otherwise dull testimonial videos, and draws your viewing audience in.

Here are some tips to incorporate more “B-Roll” footage in your auto repair video marketing:

  • Use a variety of action sequences: Capture your technicians completing an oil change or brake repair. Film customers (with their approval) interacting with your front office staff. Build out a library of auto repair activity, with each showcasing a unique element of the day-to-day experience in your auto shop.

  • Break up long video sections: Does an interview feel like it’s dragging? Are you using the same shot for an entire video? It sounds like you need to add more “B-Roll” footage! Make a note of where the videos require “B-Roll” support, and add footage in those spaces. 

How to market your auto repair videos

Your top-notch videos are produced. Now what?

It may seem like the next steps are obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses create video content and then do nothing with it.

Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, build out an ambitious repair shop marketing strategy for the videos you create. Within your plan, include:

  • Social media: Share your videos across Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Tag relevant people and businesses. Include hashtags. Pull an exciting statistic or quote from the video to highlight in your promotional posts. Schedule videos out months in advance on your social media marketing calendar, repurposing with different messaging and highlights. 

  • Email marketing: Running an Account Based Marketing (ABM) email cadence to attract new customers? Tease your video content within copy for marketing emails, including direct CTAs and video links. 

  • Monthly newsletter: Sending out the monthly newsletter to your existing customer base? Use eye-catching CTAs and button links to draw attention towards your latest video uploads. 

  • Website: Are the organic landing pages on your website filled with copy and nothing else? Without video content, the SEO value of your website will suffer. To overcome this, complement your existing pages with relevant videos. Make sure each video relates to the specific focus of a given page. Testimonials are a great option here, validating the statements in your copy. 

  • Advertising: Do you only use magazine features and pamphlets for your auto shop advertising? It’s time to evolve your approach. Create auto repair advertising videos to market your unique services and special offers. Add these videos to your company YouTube page and build a strategy for sharing the link frequently across all of your relevant media channels.

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Closing thoughts

High quality video content can help you attract new customers to your auto repair shop.

To generate new business using videos, you will need to develop an effective video marketing strategy. Follow the tips featured in this blog post, leverage available auto repair marketing technology, and watch exciting new revenue opportunities roll in! 

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