Why You Should Invest in Auto Repair Estimating Software

There is much more to an auto repair shop than experienced mechanics and good service. With increased competition in the auto repair industry, it is a great boost for these businesses to incorporate automation.

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Various software options have been developed to cater to auto repair needs. Auto repair estimate software is one of them.

An auto repair estimating software can help you better plan and track your services. Here are a few reasons we think you should invest in this technology!

But first: what is auto repair estimate software?

Estimates give both your business and your customers an educated guess on costs for potential shop services. This software can create detailed estimations without manual inputs. Having a quote at the ready can help you lock in customers faster.

Your estimated software will also offer you an organized breakdown to show your client. This concise layout increases your chances of converting these quotes into real jobs.

What does auto repair estimate software offer?

Quotes and estimates

The most obvious solution an auto repair estimate software will provide you is exactly that: estimates!

You want the approximate costs for repairing a vehicle quick and easy. By plugging in your service and part costs, the system will automatically generate a price for you. This information is accurate and efficient. You won’t have to waste any time jotting down projected costs or relying on mental mathematics!

Profit calculations

With cost estimations, you can easily work out your profits. You can also add labor markups to your parts, ensuring you never compromise on profitability.

Vehicle specifications

Different vehicle types may have different servicing costs. Some require updates that older models do not, others might have removed certain features. This means having specifications for every vehicle model, that will give you up-to-date service costs for each.

Parts catalog

Along with vehicle specifications, you will have a comprehensive parts catalog as well! This benefits you, as you can locate prices and availability with the best deals. As a result, your mechanics can work much faster.

Customer database

In order to keep track of customer history, a customer database is key. You will have customer information, contact details and their vehicle’s history at hand. This is great for estimating future repairs to ensure you have good customer service. This will increase your chances of client retention as well.

Repair history

A database of each car’s repair history will ensure that you eliminate any chances of errors. Each car will get what it really needs, without miscalculations or a wrong diagnosis. This information will also ascertain future repair costs.

Another great thing about this feature is you can follow up on maintenance checks and maintenance scheduling with existing customers. This enables you to sell more of each service.

Labor times

Each service will require different labor times. When you simply plug it into your software, you’ll get estimates that factor in these costs.

You will also have detailed activity logs. This means you will know who is occupied where. Without overburdening your technicians, you will also reduce wait times for your customers.

Warranty information

This should definitely save you some time. With each part and their warranty already accounted for, you won’t have to worry about digging into looking for these. You will be able to determine if the repair is covered by the warranty or whether you need to factor in other costs.

Ordering parts

The software should also include a parts ordering system. This will enable the mechanic to order parts directly from the supplier, saving you time and money!

Invoice tracking tools

Of course with an estimate, once you run the service, you will be able to produce a fast and easy invoice.

Quick communication

Now this type of software can even offer you digital communication. You can have quick approvals through e-signatures and communicate estimates to clients over text or email. Talk about going paperless!

Detailed reports

The auto repair estimate software should be able to generate a variety of reports that you can use to assess your business. Reporting categories include how many customers you have, what are repair costs, what are revenues and profits. This reporting data will help you better monitor and plan for your auto repair shop.

Not to mention, it will assist in figuring out your cash inflow and outflow that can better assist your auto repair shop accounting!

What you’re getting

Investing in auto repair estimate software prevents you from losing out in many ways. Here are some of the benefits it delivers.

1) Efficiency

No more wasting time on calculations and constantly referring to sheets of information. It’s all available for you in the forms, checks and boxes. All costs, activity logs, communication tools and customer vehicle history will be at your fingertips. You have more chances of running a higher volume of services.

Improved efficiency can lead to growth in revenue and profits, growing your business in the process.

2) A birds eye view

As a manager of an automotive shop, you will have a clear and concise view of everything happening at your location.

A detailed report at the end of the year will help you understand what is and what isn’t working. This way, you can adjust as needed and eliminate anything that takes up too much space, time or money in your business.

All these reporting insights ensure better planning and coordination for your business.

3) Streamlined processes

Ordering the right parts, managing technician times and keeping track of cash inflow and outflow can all feel tedious. This one-stop tool will manage all for you!

With an inventory of parts and stock levels and the ability to directly order from the suppliers, you have a one-stop solution. Having activity logs in front of you will help you assign mechanics to various tasks in order of urgency. In other words, you have automated all your tasks!

4) No compromise on profits

This software gives you a clear idea of where you can adjust budgets and save to maximize your profits. By having all services in front of you, along with labor costs, you can add markups where needed.

Perhaps a service isn’t used as much as you would like it to. You could reduce costs for it to drive more traction, and make up for it in another more profitable service.

5) Happy customers

Without a doubt, you are creating happier customers. With efficient processes, quick follow-ups, decent quotes, vehicular history and good communication, how can you have anything other than a happy customer?

Excellent customer service not only means returning customers, but more footfall through good reviews and referrals.

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Wrapping up

Investing in auto repair estimate software can be incredibly rewarding for your business.

There are many options to choose from, some with advanced features. Take your time to research and learn about each before deciding on one. Make sure it includes all the key features you think you would need.

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